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Here’s another tutorial from the Savvy n Sassy Christmas Crop for y’all. This project is so SUPER easy and can be made totally out of scraps. A great way to dress up those gift cards at the last minute. Sorry for the bad photos, I tried to get good ones in the dark, but it just didn’t work out very well. 🙂

Arrow cardstock scrap approx 8″x3 3/8″
Arrow Christmas patterned paper scraps
Arrow ribbon scrap 4″-6″
Arrow hole punch and/or eyelet setter
Arrow eyelets or brads
Arrow embellishment for front of tag (chipboard, flower, paper cutouts, or whatever)
Arrow ink or paint (optional)

1. cut corners from top of cardstock rectangle to make a long tag shape

2. fold up approx. 2 1/2″ from bottom of card

3. cut paper scrap to fit and adhere

4. ink edges of paper and cardstock if desired
5. punch holes in (a) top of card for ribbon (b) through both layers of cardstock on corners in the middle of card. it should look like this:

6. add eyelets or brads

7. embellish front of pocket as desired and add ribbon to top

8. slide gift card into pocket and there you go!

Great as a gift for grandparents, or use as a gift bag!


  • canvas tote bags (get the value pack with a coupon and it makes it pretty cheap)
  • fabric paints (we have a lot of these accumulated from other projects)
  • foam brush
  • paper plate

Start by painting one of child’s hands.  Completely cover with fabric paint.

When completely covered, press down on bag.  You will probably need to press down the child’s hand to make sure it doesn’t leave empty spaces.

Clean up the first hand and then do the same process with the second one.

Bag should look about like this.

Add a heart and a name if desired.

I also just let DD “color” some of the bags however she wanted to.

This is a little peek at a “guy” on one:

Remember playing with these as a kid?  Learning to thread a shoestring through the holes?  Feeling all grown-up because you were “sewing”?  I love passing things like this along to my daughter.  And lacing cards are super easy to make.  You could use just posterboard or cardstock if that is what you have on hand, but these are a little more sturdy for little hands.  I’m making several to stick in my daughter’s stocking this Christmas.


  • large chipboard shapes (you can find a lot of these in the dollar section at Michael’s)
  • scrapbook papers
  • glustick
  • crop-a-dile or heavy-duty hole punch
  • sandpaper or emory board
  • pen
  • sharp scissors
  • ink*
  • mod podge*
  • shoelaces or embroidery floss with blunt needle for lacing (MAKE SURE YOU SUPERVISE YOUR CHILDREN WITH THIS GIFT!!!)



How To:

1: Flip the chipboard shape upside down and trace on the wrong side of the patterned paper.

2. Cut out the paper shape and adhere to chipboard with gluestick or mod podge.

3. Sand edges of shapes with sandpaper or emory board and ink if desired.

4.  Use hole punch to punch holes all around the edges of the shape.  Seal with mod podge if desired.

5. Package up with shoelaces or floss and blunt needle for gift giving.

A nice feature of these toys is that you can vary the skill level a lot.  Punch fewer and larger holes for younger children, smaller and more holes for older ones.  You can also make these more elaborate by paper piecing, stamping, etc on the shapes.


  • heavy patterned paper
  • glue gun
  • wide lace (mine is a vintage estate sale find)
  • ribbons and trim (check out SavvynSassy for great pompom and other trims)
  • scissors
  • pen
  • dinner plate (to trace)
  • rosette (make your own or check out luckygirlgoods on etsy for the ones i used here)


1. Trace half of dinner plate onto patterned paper.

2. cut out semi-circle of paper.

3. Start at one side and roll the paper into a cone shape.

4. Once you have a cone shape, you can cut off the excess paper or just keep rolling.  (I roll it up the rest of the way)

5.  Apply hot glue along the edge and glue to cone.

6. You may want to add just a dab of glue on the inside edge as well, to keep in from moving around.

7. You should now have a finished cone shape.  Now for the fun part – embellishing!

8. Using hot glue at just the top of the lace, carefully apply just below the top edge of the cone, wrapping the lace all the way around. Start at the back, so that the raw edges won’t be visible.

9. Trim excess lace.

10. Carefully glue pompom or other trim just overlapping the top of the lace. (This should cover up any visible hot glue, too.)

11. Add a dab of hot glue inside on each side and attach ribbon or seam binding for hanging.  You could use staples instead if you want.

12. Create a rosette or purchase one and affix it to a scalloped circle of paper.

13. Attach rosette to front of cone and fill with goodies!

Here is another one I made with a rosette handmade from tulle and cardstock: