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December 18th – Felt Flowers

Sorry for the nighttime pictures, but I’m playing catch-up!


  • Felt circles in varying sizes (I used a sizzix die to cut these in four sizes between 1.5″ and 3″)
  • Hot glue gun

Start with one of the smallest circles and roll up like this, securing with a dab of hot glue.

On another of the smallest size circles, put a line of hot glue.

Roll around the first rolled circle.

Hold till the glue starts cooling.

Should look about like this.

Add another small circle following the same procedure.

Should look like this.

Once you have a complete circle of “petals” around the center rolled petal, start the next larger size.

I find it works a little better if you pinch the larger petal at the bottom, then add the glue and apply to the flower.

Should look like this.  You can trim off the excess felt now or wait till the end to cut it all off at once. When you have a full layer of this size petals, you can move up to the next larger size following the same procedure again.

When you like the size, just stop, trim off any excess felt on the bottom and use in the project of your choice!  You can add a pin back for a brooch or use to decorate with….OR you can hold on to them for a project I will post soon that uses these!

The flower on the left is made with four sizes of circles, the one on the right just uses three.

Remember this little book?

I sold the original in my Etsy shop, but I also created a tutorial for the Savvy n Sassy Christmas crop, that I’m going to share with you here.

Merry Christmas!
Arrow 3-5 coffee sleeves
Arrow sheet of felt (i used the embossed kind, but any kind will work)
Arrow 1 sheet of Christmas paper or various coordinating scraps
Arrow stickers and coordinating embellishments
Arrow ribbon (about a foot and a half)
Arrow 2 1-inch binder rings
Arrow crop-a-dile or hole punch
Arrow eyelets and eyelet setter
Arrow felt or ribbon glue
Arrow embroidery floss
Arrow paper punch and large needle

1. Cut one coffee sleeve along right hand perforated edge for cover of book

2. trace shape on felt, cut out, and adhere to cover using felt or ribbon glue

3. use crop-a-dile or large hole punch to punch a hole on either side of the center line of the cover

4. set large eyelets in holes through both the felt and the cardboard sleeve

5. using paper punch, punch holes all along top and bottom edges of cover. then use needle and embroidery floss to stich around the edges.

6. glue ribbon to front of cover, being sure to leave enough ribbon on each side to tie a bow.
7. trim edges of inside pages to fit (you can either cut the sleeves apart for this or leave them intact to make “pockets” that you can slip tags into–i cut mine apart)
8. use the holes in the cover as guides and mark the holes on the inside pages. then punch holes on the inside pages.

9. embellish as desired (I covered some of the pages with paper and left some alone, because I like the corrugated cardboard look. I also added 2.5″x2.5″ mats for photos to add later.)
10. when finished, insert binder rings through eyelets and holes in all the pages to bind. then tie the bow.

Here are some pictures of the inside of the finished original book: