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Meal Plan Thursday?

I haven’t been posting meal plans in a while, and I can’t be positive I’ll keep it up, but I’m giving it a shot. Since I’m planning our meals around what produce we have, vs. making a plan and then buying the items, I’m finding it works better to plan after the Farmer’s Market on Thursdays. This is a loose plan based on what’s in the house and could change.



  • oatmeal and fruit
  • gluten free pumpkin blueberry muffins and fruit x2
  • egg & veggie casserole and fruit x2
  • yogurt parfait
  • gluten free waffles from the freezer and fruit


  • salads with protein (snack-style lunches for A) x4
  • vegetable soup x2
  • out x1


  • fruit with peanut butter
  • veggies and dip
  • marinated salad
  • yogurt and berries
  • juice or smoothies


  • crustless veggie quiche, turkey bacon, fruit salad, rolls
  • whole wheat (or GF for A) pizza with swiss chard, balsamic onions, turkey bacon and a marinated vegetable salad
  • beef, bean, and vegetable burritos with all the fixings (make extra for freezer) and homemade baked jalepeno poppers
  • Korean dumpling and rice cake soup with homemade kimchi
  • vegetarian quesadillas with all the fixings
  • collard green dip with veggie dippers, tortilla chips
  • out x1

Trying something a little different and planning the meals we will have, but not which day we will have them…we’ll see how it goes.  I have had a really hard time sticking to a menu plan lately.  It’s just so hot that I haven’t been wanting to cook at all. 😦  Even with the AC on 24/7.


Crustless Veggie Quiche (make this ahead and keep in the fridge – almost no mess breakfast!)

Protein Smoothies

“Snack” Lunch – cheese, fruit, veggies, nuts, rice cakes
BLT salad
Playdate Lunch (read: chick-fil-a)
More Leftovers
Roasted Eggplant with Homemade Red Sauce and Parmesan, Salad
Barbecue Chicken, Summer Squash
Poblano and Tomatillo chili with GF cornbread
Grilled Brats with Onions, Grilled Summer Squash
Gluten Free Summer Veggie Pizza
Veggies with Dip or Peanut Butter
Yogurt and Fresh Fruit
Stuffed Jalapeños
Groceries Needed:
-rice cakes
-GF pizza crust mix

Goals for 2011

Okay, so I know this is way later than most people are posting, but with DH’s job, our year tends to start in late January instead of January 1st.  He works a LOT in November and December, since he’s in retail. We take some days off in the middle of the January as our “holiday” and take time then for a mini vacation and usually a nice long planning session with DH.

We planned out a lot of things and made lots of resolutions, but the two I want to share now are:

1) Do/learn a new thing each month. I have way too many projects I want to do and things I want to learn that I never get around to doing.  I think I can handle one thing a month.  The next few months: January – learn to hem pants.  February – sew curtains for kitchen. March – make birch bark vases.

2) Do a “photo shoot” of DD at least once a month.  I’ve found myself taking fewer and fewer pictures lately.  I know I won’t be able to commit to a project 365 or something like that, but I’m  sure I can take a bunch of pictures at least once a month.

And since deciding on those goals I’ve gotten both done for January!  I hemmed five pairs of pants using two different types of hems (all learned from watching youtube videos), so DH has a whole new wardrobe. 🙂  And I got in a little photo shoot of DD the other day at the playground.

Menu Plan Monday

Monday: B) Kashi L) Baked chicken, roasted eggplant S) yogurt and fruit D) salad and onion soup

Tuesday: B) oatmeal L) chef salad S) peanuts D) white bean soup (crockpot)

Wednesday: B) eggs L) chicken sausages with peppers and onions S) veggies D) pasta with red wine tomato sauce

Thursday: B) protein shake L) leftovers S) yogurt and fruit D) chicken potstickers and stir fried veggies

Friday: B) eggs L) salad S) nuts D) leftovers

Saturday: B) egg muffin L) tuna salad S) yogurt and fruit D) whatever is left in the fridge that needs to be cooked!

Menu Plan Tuesday

Yup, this holiday got me off schedule and we didn’t even do anything Monday!

Tuesday: B) yogurt L) sauteed yellow squash and flaxseed cheese toast S) nuts D) lettuce wrapped veggie burgers with tomatoes and basil from the garden, sugar snap peas

Wednesday: B) omelet L) playdate (tuna for matt) S) peaches D) philly wraps

Thursday: B) egg muffins L) chef salad S) veggie dippers D) baked pork chops with steamed veggies

Friday: B) yogurt and granola L) taco salad S) peanut butter celery D) homemade pizza with veggies

Saturday: B) cereal L) out? S) veggies and cheese D) baked tilapia, brussels sprouts, warm pear sauce

Sunday: B) granola bar L) crockpot turkey meatballs in Indian simmering sauce, brown rice, veggies S) yogurt and fruit D) leftover buffet

Menu Plan Monday

Breakfasts: eggs, protein shakes, veggie juice

Snacks: nuts, veggies and dips, roasted chickpeas

Skipping weekend planning until I know what our plans are.

Monday: L)  taco salad D) lettuce wrapped veggie cheeseburgers

Tuesday: L) chef salad D) roasted chicken with rosemary vegetables

Wednesday: L) playdate D) Mexican chicken soup with avocado salad

Thursday: L) leftover soup with rice  D) angus hot dogs with sauerkraut

Friday: L) New Orleans red beans and brown rice D) Asian pork and stir fried veggies

Grocery List


-soup base

-chick peas



-fresh veggies

Missed out on this last week, so planning ahead for the next week.  Even though we don’t keep strictly to the plan, it sure helps to keep track of what’s on hand and what needs to be used.  I’m hoping to do some batch cooking throughout the week to make sure there are lots of easy meals for DH when DD and I head out of town.

Sunday B) egg muffins (batch cook for freezer) and veggie juice L) leftover buffet from fridge S) yogurt and fresh fruit D) spinach/spelt quiche and salad

Monday B) western omelet and veggie juice L) fresh pesto spaghetti squash (harvest basil and batch cook for freezer) S) blueberry smoothies D) taco salad

Tuesday B) yogurt and berries and veggie juice L) leftover quiche with salad or roasted veggies S) carrots and dip D) spicy thai eggplant and brown rice

Wednesday B) egg muffins and veggie juice L) shrimp pasta (leftovers for me) S) fresh fruit and cheese D) angus burgers wrapped in lettuce leaves with rosemary roasted cauliflower

Thursday B) eggs, veggie juice L) pumpkin soup S) fruit and nuts D) zucchini fritters with fresh marinara

Friday B) egg muffins, veggie juice L) leftovers S) carrots and dip D) turkey chili (batch cook for freezer)

Saturday B) out for breakfast L) leftover buffet from fridge S) baked stuffed jalepenos (batch cook for freezer) D) out after church

Menu Plan Monday 6/14

All of this may change, based on Matt’s schedule, but here’s what I’m working with.  Lots of  stuff that won’t heat up the kitchen.  🙂


  • B – yogurt, fruit
  • L – taco salad
  • S – cheese sticks, carrots
  • D – grilled Tuscan chicken over romaine


  • B – eggs
  • L – burritos with pulled beef, black beans, cilantro, avocado, and fresh tomatoes
  • S – nuts
  • D – leftover grilled Tuscan chicken salad


  • B – eggs
  • L – leftover Taco Salad
  • S – veggie dippers
  • D – Grilled Steak and Veggie Kabobs


  • B – egg “mcmuffins”
  • L – Salad/Playdate
  • S – veggie dippers, string cheese
  • D – Grilled Eggplant Feta Stacks with Cucumber Mint Sauce and Greek Salad


  • B – eggs, sauteed veggies
  • L – Leftover Eggplant and salad
  • S – nuts
  • D – Baked Lemon Pepper Tilapia with Brussels Sprouts and Brown Rice with Homemade Pesto


  • B – out
  • L – leftover buffet
  • S – nuts
  • D – spinach quiche with spelt crust

26 – think about how you use your space and see if there are some ways you can more efficiently organize supplies.  I found that a lot of the stuff that was stored on the shelves right next to my work desk wasn’t actually stuff I used often.  So I moved those things to the other side of the room and put the things that I use the most closest to my workspace. working a lot better! 🙂

27 – more of the above

28 – more of the above

Yay!  Organizing all those alterables and getting rid of the sewing machine opened up a fold-down cabinet for tools right next to my work space.  I want to get some more study bins, but for now I have a cardboard box holding my bind-it-all with coils and accessories, mini sewing machine, etc.  This challenge was about gathering those items and storing them.  Short compared to the last few tasks, but really helpful anyway.