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Looking at our shopping from last week, even I’m kind of blown away by the amount of yogurt!  So how do we use it all up?

Go-Gurt: Autumn wanted this for freezing into “yogurt pops,” so a lot of it went straight into the freezer so she can have cold treats during the summer.  The rest is in the fridge and she’s been working through it for quick breakfasts and snacks.

Greek Parfaits: Matt and I love these and are mainly eating them for breakfasts, especially the ones that happen on the way to early morning tennis lessons or soccer games.  We also served them as part of our Easter “brunch.”  These will not last much longer.

Tub Yogurt: I use yogurt a lot for baking and cooking where I would otherwise use milk or sour cream or half and half.  It’s so versatile!  You just have to take into account what flavor profile you are looking for.  Vanilla yogurt works nicely in baked goods.  Plain can take the place of sour cream.

Creamer: Oh, and all that creamer?  Heading into the freezer! Since this is a dairy creamer where the main ingredients are cream and sugar, it may be making apperances in some homemade ice cream or baked goods as well.

So far I’ve made coffee cake for Easter, muffins, whole wheat pumpkin cranberry bread, and creamed cauliflower soup with yogurt, in addition to eating it plain or with fruit.  What are some of your favorite ways to eat yogurt?


Total for the week: 45.04. Over budget, but considering that this was a major stock-up week, I’m pretty happy with it. Most of this is calculated without tax.

This week was ALL about dairy.  We love yogurt, but we’re stocked up for a while! The Mega Event at Kroger just made it so cheap (or free) that I couldn’t resist. (There will for sure be a couple more dairy trips next week too, though, to finish out the sale.)

1st shopping trip: Annoyed that I wasn’t watching the cashier closely enough.  She missed 2.00 in coupons, but I didn’t notice it until later and it just wasn’t worth it to go back.  Should have been 4.37 with tax, but with the missed coupons total comes to: 6.37

The bread and makeup were all better-than-free after coupons, so offset the cost of the other items.  Bacon .49 per package, juice .53 cents per bottle, veggies 1.00, craisins 1.12


Farmer’s Market

Nine dollar’s worth of local organic produce from the farmer’s market included a giant bundle of collards (two whole plants), radishes, a bag of beautiful spinach, and a bundle of three swiss chard plants.  We ate the outer leaves of the chard and I’m thinking about trying to re-plant the roots and baby leaves.

P1010148 P1010143 P1010138

3rd trip (three different stores): 18.38

All the go-gurt, dip, and gluten free bread were free after coupons. Yogurt parfaits and tubs and shave gel .49 each.  markdown whole chicken at .85 cents per pound. Everything else normal sale price.


4th Trip: 4.92

Again, free gogurt and super cheap yogurt and shave gel.  The organic oranges were a steal at .99 per bag.


5th trip: 3.43

Free go-gurt and creamer, everything else super cheap after coupons and mega-event.


6th trip (two stores): 2.94

More free go-gurt and creamer. Cheap yogurt parfaits and tubs.


We have a camera in the house again, so I’m trying to get back on track. As mentioned before, our budget through Lent (at least) had to go up to 40.00 per week. We are going through a huge amount of produce. Thing is, we may need to keep the budget there….we’re liking the changes! Here’s the week. I didn’t keep track of my receipts very well, so this is all without taxes.  Total for the week: 37.73


Huge bundle of mustard greens and spring onions at the farmer’s market: 3.00.


Love it when these giant tubs of organic greens go on markdown! Bananas were on markdown as well, and the sorbets worked out to .12 cents each after coupon. Eggs for 1.12 a dozen.  Total: 12.83


Splurged on organic apples.  This photo: 6.37


First time in my life I have ever purchased chicken backs.  They were super cheap and are currently in my great big stock pot on the stove turning into some yummy broth. The tuna salad was way on markdown and the sodas were only in here because they helped lower the overall cost after coupons. The truvia is here for the same reason. Spent more than usual to get Autumn some GF pizza crusts and bagels, but she will really appreciate them.  Total here: 12.53

This is not part of my regular grocery shopping, but butter was way on sale this week and I’m helping with some major cookie baking soon.  I went ahead and bought it while it was on sale.  Two of the packages are for us and the rest are for that project. Total grocery: 3.00.  Total for cookies: 15.00

P1010030  P1010067



Sooooo…changes in the works.  Definitely having to up the budget for Lent! We are not Catholic and our church doesn’t make a point of the season, but we’ve found giving things up to be a really helpful exercise.  Every year looks different and this year is no exception.  I guess really this isn’t a pantry challenge right now, since we are NOT using up what’s in the pantry, but focusing on fresh fruits and vegetables. And a LOT of them.  Believe it or not, we’re just about out of produce after buying all of this over the course of the week.

Besides produce, I picked up a few items to make a dish for a party, a gallon of milk, free GF bread, and free (after store credit) chips for the party and to eat on Fat Tuesday. 😉


First – Eight dollars worth of fresh veggies from the farmer’s market.  It was all local!  The tomatoes and peppers were grown in a hoop house – they were delicious. 🙂


Next – the above two photos came in at about twenty-six dollars.  Got really good deals, but all this produce adds up!


Third – Markdown bananas, potatoes, and onions for 2.66.


FREE chips and dip.

Total: about 37.00.  I want to try to keep our budget around 40.00 per week during Lent, but I’m not sure if I can do it.  My goal is to spend at least 75% of that on fruits and veggies.


Finally broke down and bought butter this week.  We’ve only been without it for a month – lol! We also bought a LOT of produce.  Matt got a juicing machine and we’ve been playing with it.  I’ve been really surprised by how much I have liked the results, but it goes through a huge amount of veggies and fruits. I also picked up a bunch of half&half to try out my new ice cream maker. I know, I know: super healthy vs. super unhealthy.  Oh well.

Free items this week: pudding (money maker), marshmallow bits (will be going on valentines treats), guacamole/salsa, bread (need to drop at food pantry), grapefruit juice, protein bars, breakfast bowl, cream (paid with catalina)


Trip #1  Total: 3.67+tax


Trips #2 and #3 Total: 16.06+tax, after rebate


Trip #4 Total: free (paid with catalina coupon)


Trip #5 Total: 1.56+tax

Total for the week: 21.29  Taking that into account, that leaves me still about 13.00 over budget for the last five weeks.  I think we’ll probably have to increase the budget, as we’re looking at making some major changes as we head into Lent.

Whew!  What a week.  We were on “vacation” this week, which meant we were doing a LOT of daytrips and an overnight in Atlanta.  Autumn and I have been saving up for a trip to Snow Mountain and we had a lot of fun, though I think we all had a better time hiking afterwards. We ate out a lot more than normal, but I still packed a lot of lunches.

I couldn’t keep track of all my receipts this week, so I’m adding everything  up by item – yikes!   We shopped the mega-event a lot.  I usually only do one “event” per transaction, so you can imagine how many stores I hit over the week.  One thing with the sales this week was that it meant buying a lot more processed food than normally.  Some of these items were better than free (i.e. moneymakers), so it made sense to buy them because it cut down on the cost of things I really wanted to stock up on, like dish soap.  So we’ll probably be gathering up a box of stuff for the food pantry once we finish shopping this sale.  Most of the actual money spent was on produce and coffee. Pretty sure we will be way over budget this week…let’s start adding…

Free items this week: Emergen-C (money-maker), pudding cups (money-maker), bread, protein bars, some of the veggie dip, jimmy dean breakfast bowls, egg beaters, instant breakfast mix, guacamole/salsa, pepsi.


Four dollars worth of veggies from the farmer’s market.  This bundle of turnips is bigger than the 13-gallon trash can I tried to stuff them into! Autumn borrowed my sunglasses.




This is 3 shopping trips combined. Total: 13.78 + tax.  Without coupons and sales that would have been ONLY two of the bags of coffee.


Whenever we’re in Atlanta, we stop into our favorite International market. I was picking up ingredients for an experiment with homemade kimchi.  We also got some cheap fruit and some freshly in-store made rice cakes. Autumn asked for purple potatoes, too.  Total: 13.46 + tax.


A couple shopping trips here as well as the ice cream maker and flour I got free thanks to getting a prize in the King Arthur Flour Contest at the GA Nat’l. Fair. Total for these trips: 1.85 + tax. I’m not kidding. Almost every single item was free.


Three more trips: Total 3.28 + tax.  When you consider that one box of dish soap without sales or coupons is 4.69, it’s kind of amazing. 🙂

Not pictured: 1 jar natural peanut butter, 1 jar crushed garlic, 1 bag tortilla chips Total: 6.58+ tax.

Total: 44.36  Considering how much I had left over last week, that leaves me around 16.26 over budget this week, but I feel like we got a lot out of it. Hopefully I can make some of that up in the next week. (And this is of course assuming that my math is right which is very questionable considering how late it is and how stuffed up my head is with this cold.)

Glad I was under budget the last couple weeks, because I made up for it this time!




We still have tons of produce in the house.  And I found some great meat deals, so I’ve filled up the freezer.  🙂



Total this week was $12.16 after rebate on the meatballs.  The chocolate and protein bites were the result of venturing back into the CVS game this week after a long break.  No farmer’s market this week, but plenty of tomatoes from the garden.  We also got a bowlful of blueberries from the garden this week, but DD ate them up too quickly. 😉











Ingredients for our homemade instant oatmeal packets.

Still can’t get over the fact that the lettuce was only .79 each package! Other good finds were .59/dz eggs, .79 mushrooms, and bread for .75. 🙂

Garden tomatoes and farmer’s market stuff.

Also, not pictured: half and half.



LOTS of groceries this week!  Hit up some really awesome markdowns in the produce section at Kroger (over 5lbs of cherries for less than $2?  Yes, please!).  Also, we had some credit card rewards come in, so that helped out at Kroger, too.  Paid for some meat.


Both types of cottage cheese and the shredded cheese were all free item coupons.




Chicken, steak, and porkchops!  Love meat markdowns!


More FREE Ken’s dressing, too


And of course, garden and farmer’s market goodies.  We ate one of the local cantaloupe too fast for it to make it in the pictures!




GF Pizza Crust Mix.  For .30 cents shipped after using some Swagbucks Amazon codes. 🙂

And lastly, over several transactions and trips, 20 bags of free rice.  Part of these will be headed to the food pantry.