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February Reading

Actually managed to get all my goal reading for February done!  Since having a kid, I never seem to have any reading time, but I’m trying to make a change.  To start, we’ve cut down our TV time and are no longer watching any in the evening until after Autumn is in bed.  As a result, we’re reading aloud almost every single night.  I made a list of books I would like to read each month, along with a read-aloud.  So far, we have done the read-aloud books for February, March, April, and have started May’s!

What did I read?

Organized Simplicity – I’ve got to admit that after the first couple chapters I was ready to lay this one aside.  It seemed a bit over the top, but I kept reading.  Largely because I was on the treadmill at the gym with nothing else to read on my new Kindle.  And as I continued to read, I not only started to appreciate the writing more, I also started to feel convicted and get some good direction.  We’re slowly trying to work through some of the activities and challenges presented in the book.  (While I can’t take off 10 days to completely declutter and clean my house, I am trying to get it done…just in baby steps.)

The Billionaire’s Vinegar – This is one of those books that I’ve been “in the middle of” for a long long time.   I decided this was the month to finish it.  A fascinating non-fiction story of people with ridiculously large amounts of money that are willing to spend huge amounts on very old wine…and the man who takes them all in with fakes.  I probably would have enjoyed it more if I had known a little more about the subject of rare wines, but the plot was compelling, if at times a bit long.  And, hey, it’s finished!

The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie – This was the book group pick for this month. I did enjoy this book, but it is not one of my favorites.  While the mystery and story were fun, unexpected, and well-written, I had a very hard time liking ANY of the characters involved.  I assumed from the beginning of the book that the protagonist, an 11-year-old girl, had Asperger’s or something similar, but maybe not?  She was obsessed with chemistry and, while her character was very interesting, I couldn’t really identify with her. The family was very dysfunctional and the sisters treated each other very poorly.

Homer Price – Our read aloud for this month. This is just a fun book that I loved as a kid.  Funny, charming, off-the-wall adventures of a boy growing up.  DH read parts of this to Autumn as well, and I have to say his version (with voices) was a lot better than mine.  He also caught a lot more of the jokes dealing with classical characters than I did. 🙂

First things first, yes, it’s a weird name. But it’s a GREAT service!

Yesterday I processed my monthly photo order for 100 more free photos. (50 4x6s and 50 5x7s) I try to do this at the end of every month. Keeps me up to date on photo printing and ensures that I get the most out of my 1200 free prints.

Shipping is a bit higher from Artscow, since it is international, but I always calculate shipping into the cost of any photo printing service, so ArtsCow is still a great deal. Especially considering that you get 5x7s, too!

I have been very impressed with the quality of the product I’ve received from Artscow. I have never had any issues with them and the prints are perfect, crisp, and clear. Very high quality.

If you would like to sign up with my referral link and get your own 1200 free prints, you can do so here: Artscow

If you’re not already a member of Vocalpoint, you should really check it out! It’s a free program designed to advertise products via word of mouth. They send free samples and coupons out every so often and surveys occasionally as well. I LOVE them! It’s not a points or cash earning opportunity, just a chance to try new products and get coupons.

To join go here:

Just this morning, Autumn had a bowl of frosted mini-wheats for breakfast that came in the mail yesterday along with coupons. (You can also learn from Vocalpoint-I had no idea that a bowl of mini-wheats with milk had the same amount of protien and fiber as an egg and two slices of whole wheat toast!)

UHU Photo Glue Stick

The last sample package I recieved from UHU contained this photo glue and some envelope sealer.  I haven’t had a chance to use the envelope sealer, but I used up every little bit of the photo glue! 

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m totally addicted to UHU gluesticks.  They’re my adhesive of choice for scrapbooking, cardmaking, altered projects.  So the chance to try out this photo glue, was very cool.   🙂  Compared to the regular UHU gluesticks, I think the photo glue has one major advantage and one (kind-of) flaw. 

First, I LOVE the way that it is shaped!  The oval shape allows you to apply the glue in a smaller amount for the edges of photos or in a large swath for objects that need extra sticking power.  It was super versatile, too.  I used it not only on photos, but on altered projects and cards as well.  Everything adhered very nicely. 

The problem I ran into is probably something that will only bother other people who use gluesticks a lot in their crafting.  I found the gluestick hard to hold onto at first.  The top part of the package acts as a plunger, pushing the glue out of the tube and onto the page.  The problem I had is that you have to hold down on the plunger part while applying the glue, or the glue will slide back inside the tube.  Not all that difficult, and I eventually got the hang of it, but if you’re used to regular gluesticks, it may be a bit awkward at first. 

 Overall though, I was very happy with the product.

Everyone, I want to invite you to come visit the new Savvy n Sassy blog!  There will be contests and challenges posted there, as well as all the design team creations and store news.  Check it out!  I just posted a couple altered items and some cards with the July Sassy kit. 

“My name is Katie and I’m a scrapping addict…”

I really do have a problem.  Here is a recent project.  Yes, that’s right, I altered a tub of disinfecting wipes.  AHHHHHH!!!  What’s wrong with me??  ;-D

 Anyway, it now matches the original 50s black and yellow tile in our bathroom and it makes me happy.  Ribbon/trim courtesy of Savvy n Sassy (link in sidebar). 

 On to the review…

For this project I used both the UHU Twist n Glue and UHU Creativ Fabric, Ribbon, and Felt Glue.  The Twist n Glue was great for adhering the paper.  It’s a heavier weight paper, so there was no problem with it soaking through.  


I was really impressed with the Creativ glue for the ribbons and trim!  It has a thick somewhat pasty consistency.  It works just right for ribbon, soaking in just enough to give the ribbon good sticking power, without going all the way through and staying visible on the opposite side of the ribbon.  It worked so well, that I didn’t have to hold or pin the ribbon in place to dry or anything.  Just squeezed on the glue, pressed it to the paper, and I was done!  If this becomes available in the US I’m pretty certain it will become one of my go-to items.  One of my favorite things to use on projects and layouts is ribbon, and while glue dots work for some situations, sometimes you really need a good ribbon glue.  Some might object to the scent of the glue as you’re applying it, but it goes away as it dries.  Overall I LOVE this product! 

My review: go buy it!  Of all the adhesive rollers I’ve tried, this is my favorite.  I reviewed the original (and non-refillable) adhesive roller on this blog not too long ago and was really impressed with how well it held and the way it uses itty-bitty dots of glue, rather than tabs or double sided tape.  Add the fact that you can re-fill this one, and it’s just about perfect.

The case is sturdier than any of the other rollers I’ve used, but is easy to take apart to refill.  Other rollers I’ve tried have issues with the used part of the tape slipping out and getting tangled.  This one didn’t do that at all.  It rolled smoothly and I got a lot of use out of it before my first refill ran out.

The only (minor) problem I had was that the black rubber finger grip on top tried to slip out a couple of times, but it was really simple to push back into place.

Overall, a great product and one I plan to continue using!

Yummy color!!

I ran across this blog and I just can’t quit looking!  The colors and color combinations are just so incredibly awesome.  And inspiring–I have a TON of non-scrappy stuff to get done today and now all I want to do is go play with color combinations.  Yes, this blog all about quilting and sewing, but can’t you SOOO see these patterns and colors as paper?  Love it!!!

Check out the UHU project blog (link in sidebar) for more adhesives to review.  They are going to start offering one of their adhesive products free for bloggers to review every couple months.  I just got my new re-fillable glue roller in the mail!  🙂

Etsy Shops

I am totally in love with Every Jot and Tittle
Her little tags are just so cute. I have yet to buy any for my projects, but she’s definitely one of my favorite sellers. And her prices are very reasonable. Check it out! 🙂

As I was browsing around today I ran across this shop that sells Hate Mail
Not sure if I’ll ever buy any of this stuff, but it’s very fun to look at. 🙂

Another I found recently is Ink&Wit. A little more pricey, but those little bird cards are SOOOOO cute!

Do you have any favorites?

ETA: Yes, the reason I was on there was to add a few more things to my shop which has been sadly neglected.  I have a whole box of cards to list, but just haven’t been able to get around to doing it.  But the bubble cards are up there now.  :0)