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Whole30 Foodlog – Day 5

I packed leftovers for Matt’s meals today, but I am sick with a bad head cold and the only thing that has really been appealing is soup.  So soup it has been. all. day. long.

Breakfast: half an apple with a dollop of almond butter, bowl of soup (homemade stock, crumbled leftover pork and veggie meatballs, chopped greens, salt and pepper, fresh lemon juice, and a whole bunch of crushed red pepper – spicy food makes me happy when I’m sick), coffee with coconut milk

Lunch: soup again with a little bit of avocado, monkey salad, hot tea

Dinner: soup again with some rosemary roasted red potatoes cooked with homemade ghee, more tea


Whole30 Foodlog – Day 4

Tuesdays are our hardest day to eat healthy because we are so busy.  When I got home, all I wanted to do was order a pizza for dinner, but I didn’t!

Breakfast: half an apple, almond butter, slice of frittata, coffee with coconut milk.  Took a picture of this one, but for some reason it refuses to upload.

Lunch:  lunch on the go – carrots and tomatoes with guac, apple with almond butter, a few meatballs, half a coffee black.  (Ick!)  No time for a picture.


Dinner: Roasted eggplant slices, hamburger topped with roasted red pepper spread, roasted garlic cauliflower, kiwi and orange with fresh mint



Day Three

Note to self: read the whole book.  Turns out I may need to modify the diet since I don’t have my gallbladder.  Switching to four smaller meals a day to see if I don’t feel so sick in the afternoons.

Breakfast: Egg and veggie scramble with a teeny bit of prosciutto, half an apple, dollop of almond butter, coffee with coconut milk.


Lunch: Homemade twist on Tom Kha soup.  Plenty of protein and veggies, but light on fat, so I topped with some avocado and raw cashews.  Added another cup of coffee with coconut milk since I needed one after spending the morning at the Dr.’s office.


Snack: Piece of fruit with a smear of almond butter and a few warmed up meatballs (made with lots of veggies). No picture.

Dinner: Slice of vegetable frittata, scoop of guac, 1/2 piece of fruit. No picture.

Felt a lot better with 4 smaller meals today.  I’ll try to do this more.

Whole30 Foodlog – Day 2

Day Two

I made a meal plan before we began, but so far haven’t followed it one bit.  Flying by the seat of my pants is going okay so far, but I know I need to do a better job of sticking to the plan after this weekend.  Besides, the amount of mess and dirty dishes I am producing is astounding – yikes!

Breakfast: banana with coconut and raw cashews, sauteed kale, one egg, two meatballs, guacamole, fresh tomatoes, coffee with coconut milk.20160131_094409-001


Chicken tenders dredged in almond meal and spices then cooked in coconut oil, wilted kale and fresh tomato salad dressed with lemon juice and olive oil, steamed asparagus with lemon juice, red potato with coconut oil.


Dinner: Feeling so queasy again before dinner time.  Another “monkey salad” in the car after taking A to AWANA, then home for a simple chicken and veggie soup.  (I had cooked and shredded a chicken and used the carcass to make broth.)  Topped with avocado and lime juice.