So…it’s been years since I posted here, having mostly migrated over to Facebook and Pinterest.  We’re attempting a Whole30 challenge this month and I know I need somewhere to keep myself accountable, so I figured since this blog was still in existence, I would use it to record our food, instead of swamping Facebook with 100s of photos of food.  This site is easier to avoid, if you want to. 😉

I am just figuring out this Whole30 thing, so I’m sure I will make mistakes and not follow the recommendations correctly, but I’m trying.  So here our our attempts.

Day One

Doing some batch cooking today.  I know myself and our schedule, so know we will need some go-to items in the freezer that will make fast meals.  Today, meatballs – lots of meatballs.  I know I won’t be able to keep up this amount of effort.  Started from scratch, grinding my own meats and veggies.

Breakfast: skillet eggs for two with lots of rainbow chard from the farmer’s market, crisped prosciutto slices, coffee with coconut milk.



Lunch: zoodles with diced tomatoes and Italian pork and mushroom meatballs, dressed with lemon juice and olive oil, more coffee


Dinner: Feeling a little queasy and decided to play it safe with bland food. (Autumn has been dealing with a violent stomach flu, so I’m a little paranoid, right now.) Egg, teeny tiny sweet potato with coconut oil, slice of prosciutto, banana with coconut and raw cashews