I know, a school post!  I’m in shock, too. I keep meaning to photograph and post the units we have done over the past months, but I’m not sure it is ever going to get done, so I’m starting where we are.  We do Five In A Row one book per month, so this has been our book for March. It’s a really beautiful book and I would suggest getting it even if you don’t homeschool.

Unfortunately, HomeschoolShare, our favorite place to find printable resources, has recently decided not to supply lapbook printables to go with FIAR books anymore.  So this lapbook is  a lot more “handmade.” Not really a bad thing, except that it does take a lot longer, so we don’t have as many booklets in this lapbook.

Here is our (almost finished) lapbook:


Geography: The book takes place in Virginia on the Chesapeake Bay.  We learned about bays and studied a bit about Virginia.  Matt used to live there, too – so we found where he lived on a map and then used Google maps and street view to find the house.


Language Arts: We went over vocabulary (scattered through the lapbook), read the first person narrative, made a list of first person pronouns, and learned about foreshadowing.  We also talked about the style of poetic prose and how the author used a list of opposites to finish the story.  Autumn made her own list of poetic prose contrasts.

Bible/Character Study: Obedience and responsibility. Did James 4:17 copywork.

Art: Talked about watercolors and loved examining the beautiful artwork in the book.  We discussed perspective, viewpoint, and shadows.  Autumn painted a zillion watercolors including the one on the back of the book showing perspective.  We also took a trick photo using perspective.

Math: We use a completely separate math curriculum, but took this opportunity to do some multiple-digit subtraction and learn how to calculate years.




  • World War II – This is the second unit in a row that we have done on WWII.  Next unit will also include WWII.  So we are doing a more in-depth study using “The Good Fight” by Stephen Ambrose.  We read, and then Autumn narrates back for the notecards.  We may have to make a different lapbook for this material, as it is quickly growing in quantity.
  • George M. Cohan – Since our story included “Over There” we talked about the song and the important role it played in WWI and WWII.  Autumn did copywork of the chorus. We watched the Hollywood version of Cohan’s life in “Yankee Doodle Dandy” rented from Amazon.
  • Patriotism was another topic we covered and Autumn did more copywork on The Pledge of Allegiance.



  • Horizon – We talked about the concept of the horizon and then read about how people used to think the world was flat, and various myths.
  • Shadows – Autumn traced her Dad’s shadow at different hours throughout the day to see how the size and angles change over time.
  • Oil and Water – In the story, the children wade in an oily bay, thinking no one will know, but as soon as she sees them, their grandmother knows what happened.  How? We used cooking oil, colored salt water, and plastic animals to show how the oil clings to things. Then we talked about oil spills and how rescuers clean wild animals trapped in them.