It’s time to clean out the pantry (well, mostly freezers in my case) and try to spend less on groceries this month (maybe longer) while eating up things that I may just have forgotten were floating around the back of the freezer.



Here was our shopping for the week (plus one package of beef, not pictured) and I’m feeling pretty good about it, all considered.  After rebates, the total comes to about $23.57, just under my goal of $25 per week.  It was spent mostly on dairy items and produce markdowns.  Realizing I need to cut down on my grocery store trips to stay in budget. For instance, a stop at Kroger for eggs and I come home with eggs, bananas, and 15 pounds of onions! But how could I resist?  They were only .51 cents a bag on markdown!  And the oranges were way on sale and then had a rebate, too, making 4 big bags only .96 cents after the discounts.   Yeah, I have problems with markdowns.

So we have caramelized onions in the freezer now, as well as a couple meals worth of French onion soup. Had to send DH out for beef soup base as I was using up various homemade broth from the freezer and it really needed more beef flavor. (We ate some for lunch today with a multigrain crouton and grated swiss on top baked until melty – YUM!) And I’m planning a batch of balsamic onion relish for the canner. The oranges and grapefruit are going to become a citrus canning experiment. And possibly another batch of candied citrus peels as well.

And overall, we ate pretty well, too!  I’ve been really upping the amount of veggies we are eating, so there have been tons of salads and soups, including Autumn’s favorite black bean.  The only odd meal this week was dinner today when we ate up a bunch of random leftovers, steamed veggies, and one sad lonely single serve frozen pizza I found at the back of the freezer and split between us. Hey, it was late and we were just getting home from soccer! 😉

On the organizing front, I cleaned out, organized, and inventoried the kitchen fridge/freezer and the freezer side of the breezeway fridge/freezer.  The big upright freezer is actually nearly empty.  I would like to get it totally cleaned out and then decide whether we should replace the seal on it or get rid of it and look for a small chest freezer.  I know, this probably seems like a stupid amount of food storage for three people, but we use it. One fridge/freezer is mainly for storing grains because it makes them last longer.

The only eating out this week was one emergency stop at CFA after another late soccer night.  Autumn and I used free sandwich vouchers and I paid for a small side salad and fruit cup.  And I went out with a friend one night for a much needed escape, but used my Christmas cash to pay, so not too bad.