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March Reading

Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand

This was one of the most charming books I have read in a long time.  This was the pick for book group for March and it was a good one. Thoroughly enjoyed the writing style, even if I did have a few issues with ethical/religious themes towards the end.  Definitely worth reading!

Packing for Mars

A few months ago this was a book group pick, but I only managed to have time to read half of it.  So I picked it up and FINISHED it this month.  Definitely interesting, with some funny parts.  There were times though, when the reality of the motion sickness or “elimination problems” were a little too much (ick!).  Overall a good read, but not a favorite.

Calm My Anxious Heart

I picked this one up after reading some good reviews on blogs and surprised myself with how much I liked it.  While this isn’t the type of book I would usually read, I found it both challenging and very calming (I guess that’s a giveaway from the title, huh?) at the same time.

Little House In The Big Woods

This was the read-aloud we had planned for March, but we actually finished it in February.  Autumn loved listening and was so sad when we got finished that she started crying.  I assured her there were more books about Laura and Mary and so then we had to read…

Little House on the Prairie

…which I hadn’t actually planned to read until May.  Autumn gets so into these stories!  She cries when they’re sad, giggles when it’s happy.  It’s so much fun to read to her!

The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe

Was supposed to be our April read-aloud book, but we got it done early as well. Oh well, I guess if for some reason we have to take a few months off, we’ll still be caught up.  I have read this series of books so many times.  My mom read them to us when we were little.  I read them to myself multiple times. And I think this is at least my fourth time reading through them out loud.  But the first time Autumn has heard them.  She’s in love with the fantasy of these books and can’t wait for more.

March Wrap-Up

March was a really beautiful month here in GA!  And the beautiful weather was accompanied by allergies, sunburns, and pollen-covered cars.  But it was still beautiful. 🙂

March was also full of soccer.  (Go, Team Mexico!)  Autumn is loving every minute of every game and practice.  She looks forward to it all week and practices with her Daddy in every spare moment he can get.  We are loving this soccer league and, I have to admit, debating over whether or not to return to Upward in the fall.  She is learning a lot more about the game here and gets more playing time with the smaller teams, but we love the Upward program.  Thoughts?

We wrapped up our Owl Moon unit (I’m so far behind on blogging these – ACK!) and made cupcakes to celebrate. Autumn’s favorite part was dissecting an owl pellet. We also finished the semester of co-op.  We enjoyed our time at Family Night, watching performances put on by various classes.  We had a couple display tables set up to show off the work the kids did in my Great Artists class.  This class was  so much fun to teach.  Really looking forward to doing it again next semester!


The garden is going again.  I got started very late this year, but finally built one (of several) raised beds from reclaimed wood.  Also, put together a couple simple compost bins, and did lots of work clearing the garden area of weeds and laying down cardboard and mulch.  This is just one of those jobs that never seems to get finished.  We’re really enjoying our botany curriculum and Autumn built a light hut this month to grow herbs.


We had a great family outing to visit the Ocmulgee National Monument for a Lantern Light tour this month.  We have visited the Indian mounds several times, but this visit was magical.  We had a ranger give a guided tour teaching about the history of the area all by lantern light.  The path was lit with flickering luminarias and everyone carried a small lantern with a candle inside.  The night was gorgeous and our visit couldn’t have been more perfect.


Oh, and the toothfairy made some visits, too! Autumn is now toothless in front and finding eating very difficult. But she sure is cute!  Well, maybe not with this face. 😉