February has been a really busy and fun month! We started a new family hobby, took several day trips, had a lot of fun in school, and did a lot of reading. 🙂

At the beginning of the month, we tried geocaching for the first time and all of us (especially Matt!) are hooked!  It’s such a fun, inexpensive, and active way to spend an afternoon outside.  It’s also fun to find out just how popular it is around here.  When we ran a search we found that there were 126 caches hidden within 5 miles of our house!

We took field trips to Dauset Trails nature center to see the owls (for our current homeschool unit) as well as to the Atlanta Zoo.  Dauset Trails is one of our favorite places to visit on a day trip.   It is a privately-owned nature center that houses many wild animals that have been injured or cannot be released into the wild.  Lots of birds, local wildlife, even a cougar and black bear.  There are also beautiful gardens and trails, a reptile/amphibian center, a farm, and duck and fish ponds.  And it’s all free!


Our trip to the Zoo also turned out to be free, thanks to the pass program at our local library.  I’ve been checking for about a year, but the pass is always unavailable.  Finally, they had it in, so we had a somewhat spontaneous trip to plan.  The Atlanta Zoo was a lot smaller than the ones I visited growing up, but we still had a great time.  And the smaller scale meant we got to do a little geocaching in historic Grant Park, too.


Autumn and I took this last week off of school and I really enjoyed the little break, though I think Autumn will be happy to get back to routine tomorrow.  She’s getting started in her second grade math book and we’re enjoying a unit study based off of Owl Moon right now.  We’ve been busy with homeschool co-op as well; learning about lots of artists in the class I’m teaching and making lots of messes with paint, pastels, and crayons.  Autumn is also really enjoying P.E. and the science class she is taking.

We’re wrapping up the end of the month by getting started with soccer again.  Autumn just had her first practice with the local soccer association (first time we have done anything other than Upward) and she loved it.  First game is Saturday!