I’ll admit that I wasn’t super enthused about this unit, but it ended up being really fun.  And I got to hand off field-trip duty to my father-in-law who loves planes! 😉

Geography: We started off locating the English Channel on our world map and Autumn’s new globe.  Then we did a little review on France (which we had studied before with Madeline).  Autumn colored the flags of France and England, did a French flag activity, and traced Bleriot’s route across the channel. We also made gluten free crepes to eat.  Unfortunately, my camera battery died before I could get pictures of the finished product, but they were good!

Science: We’re working through a butterfly/insect unit at co-op right now as well as continuing Beginning Geography at home.  For The Glorious Flight, we made paper airplanes!  Autumn folded the first one, but then she was done.  She told me which ones to make though. 😉 Autumn practiced her Roman Numerals in naming the planes and we drew an “English Channel” with French and English coastlines on the driveway with sidewalk chalk. A paper ship is in the channel to rescue downed planes.  Autumn also made popsicle stick spectators, but I don’t think those really show up in the pictures.

We made lots of different types of airplanes and had contests to see which kind of plane flew the best and what the best way was to throw them.

Language Arts: For language arts we did a little onomatopoeia book using examples from Glorious Flight, a book of airplane vocabulary words, and a descriptive phrase activity.


I especially loved the descriptive phrase exercise.  Autumn needed to write several short phrases describing anything she wanted to.  She didn’t have to make a poem, but…

“Sweet, yummy, mushy

Dried-up treat

Put in a box

For people to eat.”

Raisins, of course. 🙂

Math: In addition to Math-U-See, we did some work on Roman Numerals and Ordinal Numbers drawn from our book.  We checked out a couple books on Roman Numerals from the library, and Autumn caught on really fast!  We did a couple ordinal numbers projects, one a printed mini-book from homeschoolshare.com and the other was listing the different courses of a fancy French meal, along with illustrations.



Autumn made a mini about the concept of restitution – as displayed in The Glorious Flight and the Bible.  We also talked about the spirit of invention and how inventors display determination and dedication as they try, try, and try again.  Autumn did some copywork from II Chronicles on this topic.  She also watched a video about Edison and his many attempts to make the light bulb.

Art: This time we read about Monet and the impressionists.  Autumn did a fun painting activity dabbling in watercolors to create impressions of things she saw.  Then she made this one, imitating the bridge in Monet’s water garden, but adding a person walking over it and a setting sun.

History: We, of course, studied Louis Bleriot, the subject of The Glorious Flight.  We also read about the Wright Brothers in several books and found an animated movie about them as well.  Our library had a documentary on the history of flight, that she watched the majority of. Autumn dictated what she learned about the Wright Brothers for a notebooking activity as well.

Field Trip: I’m super happy to have in-laws close by!  Especially when it means I don’t have to spend all day at the Aviation Museum. 😉 Airplanes just are NOT my thing…Autumn had a blast though.  She got to see lots of things we had been studying, got to fill out her plane part ID book, and even got to ride in a real flight simulator.


Most of the printables here can be found at HomeschoolShare.  Thanks to Creekside Learning for the English Channel idea!