We had a busy week.

An afternoon at the indoor inflatable play-place.

Lots of school.

Got signed up for library and B&N reading programs.

Playing in the pool and grilling out!

Pulling/mowing weeds and starting to re-do all our weed block.  (In laws getting new cabinets, means I get new cardboard! :))



Autumn had fun learning to make scrambled eggs and summer squash.

We visited an animal rescue/rehab park and fed lots of ducks, fish and turtles.



Led book group discussion on my pick…

Autumn ran her first race – a one-mile kids run!

Matt ran in a different kind of race.  After running along with Autumn, he tackled a grueling 9.3 mile race along rough hiking trails through woods, rocks, and constant inclines.  He was bruised, scratched up, muddy, and exhausted by the end, but had a great time.