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Menu Plan Monday 6/27

I SOOOOO stink at sticking to a menu plan lately!  I am posting this in the hopes that I will follow it, but we have been so busy lately and it’s so hot…

Breakfasts: homemade instant oatmeal, gluten free muffins (weekend), yogurt and fresh fruit, crust-less veggie quiche


L) chicken salad
D) grilled veggie skewers, roast beef or veggie burgers, fresh fruit
L) marinated salad with garbanzo beans
D) grilled pork chops, salad or sauteed greens
L) playdate?
D) barbeque sandwiches, salad
L) tomatillo and poblano chili
D) out or leftovers
L) “snack” lunch
D) BOGO baked chicken coupon 🙂
L) “snack” lunch
L) leftovers
D) GF veggie pizza Greek?



Total this week was $12.16 after rebate on the meatballs.  The chocolate and protein bites were the result of venturing back into the CVS game this week after a long break.  No farmer’s market this week, but plenty of tomatoes from the garden.  We also got a bowlful of blueberries from the garden this week, but DD ate them up too quickly. 😉











Ingredients for our homemade instant oatmeal packets.

Still can’t get over the fact that the lettuce was only .79 each package! Other good finds were .59/dz eggs, .79 mushrooms, and bread for .75. 🙂

Garden tomatoes and farmer’s market stuff.

Also, not pictured: half and half.

Breakfasts: crust-less veggie quiche, protein/fruit smoothies, homemade oatmeal packets

Monday L) stuffed poblano peppers, salad D) chicken “taco” lettuce wraps

Tuesday L) leftovers D) curried chicken salad

Wednesday L) playdate? D) BLT salad

Thursday L) out or “snack lunch” D) make ahead marinated chicken salad

Friday L) leftover salad, grilled steak and veggie skewers D) date night

Saturday L) leftovers D) GF pizza

Sunday L) GF PB&J D) meatballs with whole wheat pasta or leftovers


Yummy Cherries



LOTS of groceries this week!  Hit up some really awesome markdowns in the produce section at Kroger (over 5lbs of cherries for less than $2?  Yes, please!).  Also, we had some credit card rewards come in, so that helped out at Kroger, too.  Paid for some meat.


Both types of cottage cheese and the shredded cheese were all free item coupons.




Chicken, steak, and porkchops!  Love meat markdowns!


More FREE Ken’s dressing, too


And of course, garden and farmer’s market goodies.  We ate one of the local cantaloupe too fast for it to make it in the pictures!




GF Pizza Crust Mix.  For .30 cents shipped after using some Swagbucks Amazon codes. 🙂

And lastly, over several transactions and trips, 20 bags of free rice.  Part of these will be headed to the food pantry.






I did it!  Stayed in my $8 budget for the week!



The Ken’s dressing, Suave, and pasta were all free. We also got half and half and some bug spray I didn’t get pictures of.



We had a busy week.

An afternoon at the indoor inflatable play-place.

Lots of school.

Got signed up for library and B&N reading programs.

Playing in the pool and grilling out!

Pulling/mowing weeds and starting to re-do all our weed block.  (In laws getting new cabinets, means I get new cardboard! :))



Autumn had fun learning to make scrambled eggs and summer squash.

We visited an animal rescue/rehab park and fed lots of ducks, fish and turtles.



Led book group discussion on my pick…

Autumn ran her first race – a one-mile kids run!

Matt ran in a different kind of race.  After running along with Autumn, he tackled a grueling 9.3 mile race along rough hiking trails through woods, rocks, and constant inclines.  He was bruised, scratched up, muddy, and exhausted by the end, but had a great time.

Trying something a little different and planning the meals we will have, but not which day we will have them…we’ll see how it goes.  I have had a really hard time sticking to a menu plan lately.  It’s just so hot that I haven’t been wanting to cook at all. 😦  Even with the AC on 24/7.


Crustless Veggie Quiche (make this ahead and keep in the fridge – almost no mess breakfast!)

Protein Smoothies

“Snack” Lunch – cheese, fruit, veggies, nuts, rice cakes
BLT salad
Playdate Lunch (read: chick-fil-a)
More Leftovers
Roasted Eggplant with Homemade Red Sauce and Parmesan, Salad
Barbecue Chicken, Summer Squash
Poblano and Tomatillo chili with GF cornbread
Grilled Brats with Onions, Grilled Summer Squash
Gluten Free Summer Veggie Pizza
Veggies with Dip or Peanut Butter
Yogurt and Fresh Fruit
Stuffed Jalapeños
Groceries Needed:
-rice cakes
-GF pizza crust mix