Well, we didn’t stick to the plan much last week, as it was just too hot to eat many of the meals I had planned.  More cold and/or grilled things this time around and maybe I will be able to stay on track a little better.

Breakfasts: eggs & veggies, protein & fruit smoothies, oatmeal

Snacks: nuts, veggies, yogurt and fruit

Monday- L) veggies, peanut butter, fresh fruit, rice cakes D) grilled brats with onions and peppers, roasted peaches

Tuesday – L) leftovers D) panini on homemade focaccia, roasted carrots

Wednesday – L) playdate D) grilled eggplant and feta stacks, marinated salad

Thursday – L) potstickers and dipping sauce, fresh veggies D) stir fry with peanut sauce

Friday – L) leftovers or soup from freezer D) OUT

Saturday – L) eggplant Parmesan D) leftovers or GF pizza