We have been enjoying plenty of produce from the garden lately!  To be honest, the cherry tomatoes rarely stay around for more than a few minutes, as Autumn LOVES them, and steals them off the vine and gobbles them up before they even get inside. We’re also getting random late asparagus and yard-long beans which are delicious!  FIL gave us a bucket of small peaches which are quite yummy, but most of them were very buggy, so ended up in the compost.


A new grocery store opened up in our town and was running several in-store specials.  I stocked up on brick and string cheese, as they were .75 cents each.  I’ve been waiting for a cheese sale for MONTHS.  Also, brats and sausage for .99 cents a pack. Great for the grill. 🙂


Oh, and markdown ground beef and .99 cent cantaloupe, too!


We also got quite a bit of produce from the farmer’s market.  As mentioned before, I don’t calculate this in, as it’s more of a barter system.


Strawberries and blueberries got eaten up before I could get a picture. 😉


Harvested white carrots from our raised beds this week.


And garlic, too!


And some more yard-long beans.  Will definitely plant these again next year- so so good!

Unfortunately, all this stocking up on cheese means I went way over budget this week.  Leaving me only $8 in the budget for next week.  Can I do it?