Trying to get back on track after a crazy crazy month followed by several rounds of sickness and a current sinus infection.  We need a few weeks of “normal” for sure!

This week came out to about $25 total.  Mainly because I had a bunch of store credit that was expiring without any good deals to roll the credit into.  Looks like I may be taking a bit of a break from the drugstore deals, since I’m currently out of credit to roll.  But with the way this summer is looking, that may be a very good thing.  😉

In addition to the stuff in the photos I got 4 dozen eggs and a bunch of produce and a little bit of local cheese at the farmer’s market.  I was selling at the farmer’s market and didn’t calculate that produce into my total as it was more of a barter system…they bought bread, biscotti, and lemonade from me – I bought veggies from them.  🙂

The Ready Rice, Jello Temptations, Almonds, and Poligrip were all purchased using FREE item coupons. 🙂