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Menu Plan Monday 5/30

Well, we didn’t stick to the plan much last week, as it was just too hot to eat many of the meals I had planned.  More cold and/or grilled things this time around and maybe I will be able to stay on track a little better.

Breakfasts: eggs & veggies, protein & fruit smoothies, oatmeal

Snacks: nuts, veggies, yogurt and fruit

Monday- L) veggies, peanut butter, fresh fruit, rice cakes D) grilled brats with onions and peppers, roasted peaches

Tuesday – L) leftovers D) panini on homemade focaccia, roasted carrots

Wednesday – L) playdate D) grilled eggplant and feta stacks, marinated salad

Thursday – L) potstickers and dipping sauce, fresh veggies D) stir fry with peanut sauce

Friday – L) leftovers or soup from freezer D) OUT

Saturday – L) eggplant Parmesan D) leftovers or GF pizza







We have been enjoying plenty of produce from the garden lately!  To be honest, the cherry tomatoes rarely stay around for more than a few minutes, as Autumn LOVES them, and steals them off the vine and gobbles them up before they even get inside. We’re also getting random late asparagus and yard-long beans which are delicious!  FIL gave us a bucket of small peaches which are quite yummy, but most of them were very buggy, so ended up in the compost.


A new grocery store opened up in our town and was running several in-store specials.  I stocked up on brick and string cheese, as they were .75 cents each.  I’ve been waiting for a cheese sale for MONTHS.  Also, brats and sausage for .99 cents a pack. Great for the grill. 🙂


Oh, and markdown ground beef and .99 cent cantaloupe, too!


We also got quite a bit of produce from the farmer’s market.  As mentioned before, I don’t calculate this in, as it’s more of a barter system.


Strawberries and blueberries got eaten up before I could get a picture. 😉


Harvested white carrots from our raised beds this week.


And garlic, too!


And some more yard-long beans.  Will definitely plant these again next year- so so good!

Unfortunately, all this stocking up on cheese means I went way over budget this week.  Leaving me only $8 in the budget for next week.  Can I do it?















Menu Plan Monday 5/23

Breakfasts: eggs with veggies, protein and fruit smoothies,

Monday- L) veggies, peanut butter, and rice cakes D) chicken soup with rice, avocado, cilantro and tomato

Tuesday – L) egg sandwiches with swiss chard and fresh fruit D) chicken and veggie kabobs, marinated chickpea and veggie salad with yogurt and dill

Wednesday – L) leftovers D) poblano and tomatillo chili, GF cornbread

Thursday – L) leftovers D) Miso soup and steamed dumplings

Friday – L) chef salad with tuna D) GF pizza, salad

Saturday – OUT

Sunday – L) leftovers D) whole wheat pasta with homemade sauce

Trying to get back on track after a crazy crazy month followed by several rounds of sickness and a current sinus infection.  We need a few weeks of “normal” for sure!

This week came out to about $25 total.  Mainly because I had a bunch of store credit that was expiring without any good deals to roll the credit into.  Looks like I may be taking a bit of a break from the drugstore deals, since I’m currently out of credit to roll.  But with the way this summer is looking, that may be a very good thing.  😉

In addition to the stuff in the photos I got 4 dozen eggs and a bunch of produce and a little bit of local cheese at the farmer’s market.  I was selling at the farmer’s market and didn’t calculate that produce into my total as it was more of a barter system…they bought bread, biscotti, and lemonade from me – I bought veggies from them.  🙂

The Ready Rice, Jello Temptations, Almonds, and Poligrip were all purchased using FREE item coupons. 🙂

Menu Plan Monday 5/9

Monday L) leftovers D) grilled marinated chicken with salad

Tuesday L) leftovers D) creamy mushroom chicken in the crock pot, brown rice, carrots
Wednesday L) brown bag lunch – planning day D) green chili and GF cornbread
Thursday L) brown bag lunch – farmer’s market D) leftovers
Friday L) whole wheat pasta with homemade sauce and fresh garden beans D) out – convention
Saturday L) out – convention D) out – convention
Sunday L) clean out the fridge leftover buffet D) ribs, greens, GF cornbread

Let’s take a walk to the garden. The sugar snap peas are finally on!  Above they are climbing out of the top of a 5.5ft tomato cage.

DD is picking strawberries.

The first of the bush beans are coming on too.

Carrots. 🙂

Cinder block bed of tomatillos and tomatoes.  This bed is really happy!

Mainly kale and parsley and onions and peppers here.  I’ll be pulling up the kale soon to make more space.  It’s getting too buggy as we head into summer.

YUMMY.  I planted this bucket of beets and have been loving the greens.  We’ll be planting again…even if we don’t get actual beets.  We love the peppery greens.

Look mom!

Blueberries.  These really need to be netted soon, so the birds don’t get them all. Dont’cha love my berry-stained nails?

Baby tomatoes!  🙂