Spent: $37.17

Saved: $246.70

Ugh! I took pictures of everything this week.  Or at least I thought I did. But I somehow seem to have lost a couple of them. I can’t remember what all was in my first trip this week, but I know there was a ton of summer squash for sure.

AND I’m over budget this week.  All because I started craving this tomatillo and poblano chili that I didn’t have any ingredients for.  These are, of course, way out of season, so cost an arm and a leg.  Except for these items and milk, I paid very little more than tax this week, but still went over my $25 goal. Hoping I can make it back up on the budget over the next couple weeks.

Oh, and the Easter Bunny is now stocked on candy.  All of it chocolate and all of it for free+tax.