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This will most likely be our only year playing baseball.  As much as Autumn loves the practices, she’s bored by the games.  After the first one, she was already asking when soccer would start.  But I gotta say, even if the games are long and hot, they sure are cute!

And did I mention how happy these purple uniforms made this kid???

Super cute.

Let’s not talk about the fact that these are all afternoon games in April and May in GA….which makes me look like this:

Thanks to Matt for grabbing the camera and snapping a few pictures or I wouldn’t have any this year!

Menu Plan Monday – late


L) faux phillies (w/o bread) D) chef salad


L) veggies & dip, rice cake PB&J D)GF pizza


L) crustless veggie quiche, fruit D) crockpot lentil soup


L) french onion soup D) leftover quiche, salad


L) out D) host dinner party: salad bar, grilled steak/chicken, homemade breads, strawberry shortcake, rhubarb crisp


L) leftovers D) leftovers

A couple days before Easter I decided we needed a day off from school and we headed outside in the morning.  Autumn played in the sprinkler (which was also watering the garden)…

…while I played around with some vintage sheet music…

But then she saw all the gluey mess and had to get in on the fun too!

So we made nests and eggs out of vintage sheet music and bits of paper lunch sacks.  And, of course, lots of messy glue.

And the nests made the perfect candy and egg bowls for our Easter celebration!

We’ve been having a really busy few weeks and with company in and out of town as well as two dinner parties to host, I just really needed a break.  We’re trying to stick to budget, but not the $25 one.  Instead I’m using that “extra” money that usually goes towards the beef fund to cover all the extra stuff for these parties.  Also not taking pictures of everything that comes into the house. It’s just too busy.

I DO have to share the jackpot I hit in the produce markdown bin at Kroger the other day though:  All this for around $9. And I paid full price for the pineapple, tomatoes, onion and squash, that are included too!  Oranges, pears, mangoes, grapefruit, apples, lemons, green peppers – YUM!

Menu Plan Monday

Monday L) PB&J, strawberries, carrots D) lettuce-wrapped burgers, kale salad

Tuesday L) clean-out-the-fridge salad D) chili

Wednesday L) playdate? D) tuna salad with roasted corn and black beans, garden greens

Thursday L) crustless quiche D) whole wheat pasta and homemade sauce, roasted veggies

Friday L) leftovers D) bean burritos

Saturday L) stir fry D) chicken marengo and brown rice, greens

Spent: $37.17

Saved: $246.70

Ugh! I took pictures of everything this week.  Or at least I thought I did. But I somehow seem to have lost a couple of them. I can’t remember what all was in my first trip this week, but I know there was a ton of summer squash for sure.

AND I’m over budget this week.  All because I started craving this tomatillo and poblano chili that I didn’t have any ingredients for.  These are, of course, way out of season, so cost an arm and a leg.  Except for these items and milk, I paid very little more than tax this week, but still went over my $25 goal. Hoping I can make it back up on the budget over the next couple weeks.

Oh, and the Easter Bunny is now stocked on candy.  All of it chocolate and all of it for free+tax.

First T-Ball Practice

Menu Plan Monday

A couple things didn’t get done last week, so adding those to this week. Lots of doing leftovers this week too, as we’re going to be awfully busy.

Breakfasts: Eggs, Yogurt and Fruit, Oatmeal

Monday L) sandwiches/salad and summer squash D) white bean chicken chili, stuffed jalepenos

Tuesday L) leftover soup and salad D) whole wheat pasta with meat sauce, garden greens

Wednesday L) playdate (leftover pasta) D) roast chicken and veggies

Thursday L) leftover chicken D) chile rellanos, beans, rice

Friday L) red beans and rice D) creamy chicken and veggies over ww pasta or brown rice

Saturday L) leftovers D) stir fry


The garden is really starting to produce greens!  Love salads that all come from the backyard!

Romaine, baby collards and kale, baby beet greens, baby chard