Okay, so I see these all over etsy and love the look, but not so much the price.  I ran across some rolls of birch bark at a park store on clearance and snatched them up.  This birch bark is NOT as pretty as the vases you can get on etsy, since it’s made of bits and pieces of birch bark glued to fabric.  If it were a whole piece of birch bark I would be happier, but these will work. 🙂

I used some cylindrical bottles and an old straight-sided vase, but wanted a shorter vase, too.  So I used some tin cans!

Cleaned and peeled off the label, then used some tape to completely cover the sharp top edges.

Then I cut out felt circles and glued them to the bottom so they wouldn’t scratch any surfaces.

Then I got out the glue gun and got started attaching the roll of birch bark.