Okay, so this isn’t so much a pantry challenge anymore as much as it is a challenge to manage my grocery budget more efficiently. I’m going to just keep plugging away with the $25 grocery budget for a while I think.  It makes me much more mindful of my spending.

Target, Rite Aid, and Target –  approx $7 OOP for everything except the dog food.

The dog food is NOT included in my $25 budget, but I’m doing some stocking up with good prices over the next few weeks.

Kroger – OOP $5.29 (leaving out the dog food)  This Kroger trip was a nightmare.  The cashier missed coupons and input incorrect amounts multiple times and then the entire register crashed so I was unable to get the issues fixed by customer service.  I wasn’t even able to get a receipt.  Thankfully we had just gotten our quarterly Kroger credit card rewards, so that took $20 off the total.  I lost at least $7.50 in coupons that were not rung up correctly, probably more. 😦

Publix and Kroger $19.06 (one of the blogs I follow said the Philly cooking creme would produce $5 back, but it didn’t, so this trip was more than expected as well)

Total Spent: $31.35 (Since I had $6.70 left over from last week, this just about evens things out.)

Total Bought:

Dairy: 2 dz eggs, 4 cartons cottage cheese (markdown), 10 Philly cooking creme, 2 dip (FREE a/c), 2 yoplait 4-pks (FREE a/c), Dannon plain yogurt, 2 bags pepper jack cheese

Produce: Jazz apples (YUM!), slaw cabbage (markdown), mushrooms (markdown)

Meat: boneless skinless chicken breast, 1 whole chicken

Grocery: 5 bags dried beans, 5 cans whole cashews (.79 on clearance!), 24 boxes pasta (FREE a/c), 4 boxes graham crackers, 1 package rice cakes

Other: gum, 3 floss (FREE a/c), cold meds (FREE a/c), visine (FREE a/c), pads (mm at cvs), 4 motrin, paper towels