Well, I got my raised bed done!  🙂  So now I’ll be putting $15 towards beef purchase and the $10 that has been going to the raised bed will be going towards an outdoor storage closet we have been wanting. 🙂 I keep forgetting to pull the money out for these – gotta remember!

May be crazy, but I drove 50 miles round trip to visit a whole bunch of different “local” stores.  Every store had a lot of stock, but I really can’t stand it when people shelf-clear, so I got just a few at each store. THEN, I shopped in Atlanta and Indianapolis as we were driving across the country. Not everything is pictured, but I really stocked up on frozen foods and baby items.  I was able to share a LOT of frozen meals, veggies, etc with family I was visiting.  And made a big gift basket of baby things!

Total spent: Approx $51.94 (Also gained $7.50 in Target GC that I’m not including)

Budget for next week: $24.70