Changes for February:

-$25 per week (up from $20) – running low on meats/proteins, so I think we need a little wiggle room

-$10 per week toward garden fund, $15 per week toward beef purchase

-no longer counting dog and cat food in total

-free after rebate items will only count tax (as long as rebate is sent off right away)

How we did this week:

I went over budget this time. 😦  Which means we are on a much stricter budget to make up for it next week.  We ran out of several must-have items this week, so that’s why the total was higher.

Didn’t get pictures of most of it, but here’s what we got this week:

Produce: 1 bag baby purple potatoes(FREE a/c), 2 bags fresh baby spinach, big bunch of markdown bananas, 3-lb bag organic apples, 2 large onions

Drinks: 4 Gatorade (FREE a/c), 6-pk of Pediasure (FREE after rebate)

Dairy: 2 dozen eggs, 4 four-packs yogurt (FREE a/c), sour cream, 2 bottles half&half

Frozen: 2 whole fruit sorbet,  6 ice cream (had to use up drugstore credit before it expired)

Canned: 27 cans ro-tel (FREE a/c)

HBA: 2 toothbrushes(FREE a/c), mineral foundation

Other: 3 bags bagel chips (FREE a/c), 2 bags organic corn chips, 6 balance bars, 4 big bags M&Ms for valentines, baking soda, kitty litter (FREE after rebate)

Total Spent: $30.06

Total Saved: no idea, but it was a lot

Next Week’s Budget: $19.94