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Pantry Challenge – Week 6

Once again didn’t manage to get pictures of everything.


Pictured – poblano peppers, tomatillos, limes (marked down), cilantro

Not Pictured – sweet onions, frosting, and snacks for DH at work

Spent:  $18.64

Budget for Next Week: $26.64

Can’t Help It…

…I’ve just got to brag about this man for a minute.  He is the BEST husband and father in the world.  The love of my life.  My best friend.  But then, you probably all know that already.  😉

What I have to brag about today is what he has managed to do in the last year.  In one year he has lost about 50 pounds!  And not only that, he took up running.  He did his first 5K in October and already did a half-marathon in January!  I’m so super proud of him and his determination.

October 2009

January 2011

Breakfasts will be smoothies, eggs, yogurt, and oatmeal.  Snacks are veggies, nuts, yogurt, and fruit. I can’t get the formatting to work on this post and I’m giving up, so it is how it is. 🙂

L) whole wheat pasta with homemade turkey marinara
D) grilled beef and veggie skewers, chocolate fondue

L) salad with leftover skewers
D) crock pot vegetable soup, GF cornbread



L) play date or leftovers
D) modified white bean chicken chili, GF cornbread



L) leftover chili and cornbread
D)  skillet meal from freezer with lots of extra veggies



L) vegetable soup
D) GF mini pizzas, salad



Saturday (make GF bread)
L) leftovers
D) GF buckwheat pancakes, sausage, fruit
L) GF PB&J, cut veggies


Pantry Challenge – Week 5

Went over budget again this week, but not too bad, so hopefully can make up for it.

Total Spent: $24.66

Budget for next week: $20.28

Produce: lots of zucchini and summer squash and a HUGE head of lettuce

Dairy: 7 cartons ice cream (money maker!), 8 4-pks yogurt, 2 dz eggs, 2 coffee creamer

Meds: over $60 worth of cold/flu meds, lens cleaner, etc all FREE after rebate

Other: pork, craisins, raisins (not pictured), 4 gatorade, 4 cake mix and 4 frosting for cake pops (FREE after rebate)

Menu Plan Monday – February 7th

I got totally off track last week because we were sick, but still managed to cook from what we had.  Just not necessarily from the menu plan.  🙂  So a lot of stuff is being recycled this week. Snacks will be nuts, fresh fruit, and lots of yogurt (DD is on antibiotics for sinus infection).

Monday – B) oatmeal, yogurt L) chili (make a big batch for freezer) D) baked or grilled chicken, collard greens, pear sauce

Tuesday – B) eggs, veggies L) GF PB&J, carrots D) eggplant parmesan – this has been on the menu plan a bunch of times, but we haven’t managed to get around to actually eating it!

Wednesday – B) smoothies L) play date (or leftovers) D) GF mini-pizzas, salad

Thursday –  B) eggs, veggies L) veggies and hummus D) pesto pork roast and vegetables (modified version of this recipe)

Friday – B) smoothies L) leftover eggplant parm D) pork tacos with lots of veggies OR out

Saturday – B) smoothies L) taco salad with leftover pork D) chicken and vegetable soup

groceries needed:

-pork roast, carrots, celery, lettuce or spinach, squash, onion, cilantro, sour cream, avocado, yogurt, rice cakes, fruit

Started out with a picnic…

…and a look at the water…

…the path was interesting…

…and there were lots of shells on the river’s edge…

…and the water was beautiful.

There were little lizards all over the place.

And the rocks were lots of fun.

We had a wonderful time and will definitely go back again!

Sick Day Snuggles


Changes for February:

-$25 per week (up from $20) – running low on meats/proteins, so I think we need a little wiggle room

-$10 per week toward garden fund, $15 per week toward beef purchase

-no longer counting dog and cat food in total

-free after rebate items will only count tax (as long as rebate is sent off right away)

How we did this week:

I went over budget this time. 😦  Which means we are on a much stricter budget to make up for it next week.  We ran out of several must-have items this week, so that’s why the total was higher.

Didn’t get pictures of most of it, but here’s what we got this week:

Produce: 1 bag baby purple potatoes(FREE a/c), 2 bags fresh baby spinach, big bunch of markdown bananas, 3-lb bag organic apples, 2 large onions

Drinks: 4 Gatorade (FREE a/c), 6-pk of Pediasure (FREE after rebate)

Dairy: 2 dozen eggs, 4 four-packs yogurt (FREE a/c), sour cream, 2 bottles half&half

Frozen: 2 whole fruit sorbet,  6 ice cream (had to use up drugstore credit before it expired)

Canned: 27 cans ro-tel (FREE a/c)

HBA: 2 toothbrushes(FREE a/c), mineral foundation

Other: 3 bags bagel chips (FREE a/c), 2 bags organic corn chips, 6 balance bars, 4 big bags M&Ms for valentines, baking soda, kitty litter (FREE after rebate)

Total Spent: $30.06

Total Saved: no idea, but it was a lot

Next Week’s Budget: $19.94