So after debating for a while, we decided to take vacation week completely off of the challenge. It was just too much to try to keep track of when out of town. So I’m acting like it never happened.

Didn’t take money out for my goals and didn’t track spending.  So that makes last week #3.  I will be continuing this challenge through the month of February as well, but may change up a few things.

I didn’t get pictures this week at all, but bought the following:

-4 yo-plus yogurt 4-pks

-1 bunch bananas

-8 whole fruit sorbet

-1 coke 12-pk (free item coupon)

– 1 bag organic tortilla chips

-1 bag cat litter

-8 cans rotel tomatoes

-1 big tub plain yogurt

-1 dozen eggs

-3 bags cornmeal

-4 pouches gatorade (DH likes these before long runs)

-1 pack tofu

-1 bag cough drops

-1 cucumber

-1 sweet onion

– 2 heads red/green leaf lettuce

– 1 bottle of hair gel (paid full price because we ran out – yikes!)

Total Spent OOP: $21.02

Total Saved: $52.83

Leaves me with .32 cents left over from last time, so next week’s budget is $20.32