Ok, so even on this $20 a week budget, our pantry is still getting filled up!  I’m seriously considering continuing the challenge through February as well at this point. There are a few things we are running really low on, but I certainly have enough to keep feeding us for a while.  The deals have been really great this month too, which helps!

Saturday’s Shopping Trips

Spent OOP: $12.95

Bought: 8 boxes pasta, 8 jars peanut butter, 2 boxes frozen veggies, 2 bags frozen smoothie kits, 3 bags cornmeal, 2 bags mixed fresh veggies, 1 bag fresh cauliflower, 1 bunch cilantro, 2 eyeshadow, 2 nail polish, 2 soap, 1 carton half and half.

I messed up a bit on this trip and spent $4 more than I meant to. Oh well, good thing there was extra $$ left from last week.

The pasta isn’t something we will eat, but as it was free, I went ahead and picked it up since it’s a great item to share or donate. Also free: the nail polish, frozen spinach, and soap (DD LOVES these – she was so excited!). I didn’t NEED this much peanut butter for this week, but at .24 cents a jar it was a great deal.  We go through a lot of peanut butter in our house, so this is an item I never seem to have in the pantry.  And if we end up with too much, it’s an item that is always in great demand for donations.

Tuesday’s Shopping Trips

Total Spent OOP: $8.15

Bought: 2 bags pistachios, 2 bags planters trail mix, 2 gingerbread house kits, 2 big tubs of twizzlers (for vacation this summer), 4 jars peanut butter, 2 boxes pasta (to donate), 2 boxes deluxe shells and cheese (to donate), 1 chocolate orange, 1 tube concealer, 1 microwave meal, gift set of pez, 3 regular boxes hot cocoa, 1 30-ct box hot cocoa, and one bag of pepperoni for GF pizza (not shown).

This is a mish-mash of several different stores.  I was going stir-crazy after being stuck in the house all day yesterday and most of the day today, so ran out this afternoon for a bit.  Since we don’t really eat them anyway, I’m thinking about saving the gingerbread kits to decorate next Christmas. I also bought a couple gifts for next year using a gift card for that purpose.

Thursday Shopping

I made a quick stop in to pick up a free Dole salad and also grabbed some eggs and a package of markdown bratwurst while I was already out.

Spent: $3.27

Friday Shopping

Spent: $4.34

I was out dropping DH off at work and really needed trash bags, so made a quick stop.  I had some great coupons, but turned out they were on sale, too, so it was even better than I thought.  Couldn’t pass up free popcorn (DH has been on a popcorn kick lately) and the coffee mate and coolwhip produced a little bit of overage.  The paper towels are the free ones I ordered last week that arrived today.

Total Budget for the Week: $30.05

Total Spent the Week: $28.71

Next Week’s Budget: $21.34

We will be on vacation this next week, so will definitely be eating out more.  I’m going to try to keep tracking our grocery spending anyway.

I’ll be picking up a couple more boxes of trash bags (can’t beat $1.49 after coupon and sale!) and I’m hoping to find some great prices on frozen veggies and eggs as we’re really running low.