My main goal this time around is to cut our grocery spending down to $20 per week by eating mainly from the pantry and freezer this month.  It will also mean being extremely on top of things with packing lunches for DH, so that he doesn’t have to buy lunch.

Most of the money saved will be set aside to start a fund for buying a pasture-raised, organic, antibiotic-free, hormone-free, in-other-words-super-healthy side of beef (aka, the steers my parents raise).  I also want to set aside some money for another raised garden bed to increase what we plant this year.

I think we will be taking some vacation days this month and will take a vacation from the challenge on those days as well, but that should be it.

So my challenge goals are as follows:

  • $20/wk grocery budget focused on produce, protein, and dairy. This includes all people AND animal food.
  • Eat out no more than once a week, including fast food. Try to use gift cards/coupons if possible.
  • Set aside $10 per week for garden bed supplies.
  • Set aside $20 per week for beef purchase.
  • Donate excess to food pantry.

By the end of the challenge I want to:

  • Have an empty freezer to defrost.
  • Learn some GF baking skills.
  • Weed all expired and “junk” foods from pantry.
  • End with a complete inventory of all foods in freezer and pantry.
  • Do a better job of sticking to meal plans and packing lunches.

Going to start out with a very simple menu plan, but it’s probably going to get very “creative” before the month is out:

Monday B) blueberry protein smoothies*  L) leftovers D) breakfast for dinner – eggs, sausage *, fruit

Tuesday B) yogurt, granola* L) hummus* or peanut butter * with veggie dippers and whole grain pita* D) black bean soup*

Wednesday B) eggs or cereal* L) leftover black bean soup*, salad D) pork* stir fry

Thursday B) protein smoothies* L) leftover stir fry* D) chicken*, brown rice*, collard greens*

Friday B) yogurt, granola* L) salad D) mexican chicken soup*

Saturday B) egg “mcmuffins”* L) leftover soup*, salad D) homemade chili*

Sunday B) yogurt, fresh fruit L) out or GF pizza* D) leftover chili*

*indicates items that are coming from (or all the ingredients are in) the freezer and/or pantry.

Groceries to buy this week: cilantro, avocado, stir-fry veggies, lettuce/spinach, fruit.