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I thought I would share a little bit of what we’re doing in school here.  In addition to math, phonics, etc. we’re using the Five In a Row curriculum plan, which we LOVE.

Our last unit was about the book Who Owns the Sun.  As this is about slavery and DD really isn’t old enough to tackle the topic, we covered it quickly and then talked a lot about the Underground Railroad too.

Here’s a little look at our lapbook, narrated by Autumn:

“This is a game that you say words and you try to put them in the period and the question mark pockets.” (She wants to “play” this all the time! You can find it on Homeschoolshare.)

“The Big Dipper points to the North Star. I made the Big Dipper by connecting the stars and putting stickers stars on. The Big Dipper will be upside down or sideways or right side up but it still points north. The North Star leads to freedom.” (also from Homeschoolshare)

“This tells you about the different seasons.  It helps you remember the different seasons by the pictures…Who Owns the Sun has different kinds of seasons.”

“The house is a quilt.  It is a quilt made out of paper…The North Star and the house are signs for runaway slaves that it is a safe place.  But for other people the signs were a secret.” (This was inspired by the Sweet Clara book linked at the end of this post.)

“This is vocabulary words and they pocket they belong in.

  • The Underground Railroad is a secret place that people take to get free.
  • The Big Dipper is a kind of spoon.
  • A station is somewhere people can stay to hide.
  • The Old Man is Peg Leg Joe who will carry you to freedom if you follow the drinking gourd.
  • Polaris is the North Star.
  • A slave is someone who has to do stuff that someone tells them to do because they own them.
  • Harriet Tubman is called Moses because she leads people to freedom.
  • Heaven is Canada where all the slaves were free.
  • A station-master is someone who helps them.
  • The drinking gourd is the Big Dipper.”

(The pocket and a few of the cards are from Homeschoolshare, but we made a lot of extra cards as well.)

“I painted the picture. And it is about the flowers in the Who Owns the Sun book. And it reminds you about the Who Owns the Sun book. Because there is a field of them in the Who Owns the Sun book. That people can pick any flower they want to, but if we are gentle to the flowers we will see that more flowers will grow in it’s place. We don’t own them because they belong to the land.”

Some of the books we read with this unit:

The Drinking Gourd – Monjo

Moses – Weatherford

Barefoot – Edwards

Freedom Train – Sterling (this ended up being too advanced, so we didn’t finish it)

Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt – Hopkinson


So I have a new camera finally, but I’m not sure yet if I’m keeping it.  I miss my old one soooooo much.  It was so easy to get perfect shots with it and this new one requires a lot more work.  But hey, at least it means I get SOME pictures. 🙂

So…it’s very fall-ish and pumpkin-y inside the house…

We pulled out the bins of Fall decorations and put them up everywhere.  I LOVE fall.  It’s when we were married.  It’s when Autumn was born.  It’s absolutely GORGEOUS weather here in the south.  And of course, pumpkins.

Oh, and pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks too. Only one this year, but oh so good.

We missed most of our fall photo-ops this year because we didn’t have a camera.  So no pictures of the fair.  No pumpkin patch shots.  But we still have lots of fun fall memories.