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No Pictures

I’m having a rough time of it, but living without pictures right now.  My camera, that we got before Autumn was born, finally gave up the ghost and I’ve been trying to survive.  For a camera-happy scrapbooker, this is a lot harder than you would think.

Anyway, now you know why the blog is so boring right now.

Menu Plan Monday

Monday: B) Kashi L) Baked chicken, roasted eggplant S) yogurt and fruit D) salad and onion soup

Tuesday: B) oatmeal L) chef salad S) peanuts D) white bean soup (crockpot)

Wednesday: B) eggs L) chicken sausages with peppers and onions S) veggies D) pasta with red wine tomato sauce

Thursday: B) protein shake L) leftovers S) yogurt and fruit D) chicken potstickers and stir fried veggies

Friday: B) eggs L) salad S) nuts D) leftovers

Saturday: B) egg muffin L) tuna salad S) yogurt and fruit D) whatever is left in the fridge that needs to be cooked!

Water Lily

Menu Plan Tuesday

Yup, this holiday got me off schedule and we didn’t even do anything Monday!

Tuesday: B) yogurt L) sauteed yellow squash and flaxseed cheese toast S) nuts D) lettuce wrapped veggie burgers with tomatoes and basil from the garden, sugar snap peas

Wednesday: B) omelet L) playdate (tuna for matt) S) peaches D) philly wraps

Thursday: B) egg muffins L) chef salad S) veggie dippers D) baked pork chops with steamed veggies

Friday: B) yogurt and granola L) taco salad S) peanut butter celery D) homemade pizza with veggies

Saturday: B) cereal L) out? S) veggies and cheese D) baked tilapia, brussels sprouts, warm pear sauce

Sunday: B) granola bar L) crockpot turkey meatballs in Indian simmering sauce, brown rice, veggies S) yogurt and fruit D) leftover buffet