Missed out on this last week, so planning ahead for the next week.  Even though we don’t keep strictly to the plan, it sure helps to keep track of what’s on hand and what needs to be used.  I’m hoping to do some batch cooking throughout the week to make sure there are lots of easy meals for DH when DD and I head out of town.

Sunday B) egg muffins (batch cook for freezer) and veggie juice L) leftover buffet from fridge S) yogurt and fresh fruit D) spinach/spelt quiche and salad

Monday B) western omelet and veggie juice L) fresh pesto spaghetti squash (harvest basil and batch cook for freezer) S) blueberry smoothies D) taco salad

Tuesday B) yogurt and berries and veggie juice L) leftover quiche with salad or roasted veggies S) carrots and dip D) spicy thai eggplant and brown rice

Wednesday B) egg muffins and veggie juice L) shrimp pasta (leftovers for me) S) fresh fruit and cheese D) angus burgers wrapped in lettuce leaves with rosemary roasted cauliflower

Thursday B) eggs, veggie juice L) pumpkin soup S) fruit and nuts D) zucchini fritters with fresh marinara

Friday B) egg muffins, veggie juice L) leftovers S) carrots and dip D) turkey chili (batch cook for freezer)

Saturday B) out for breakfast L) leftover buffet from fridge S) baked stuffed jalepenos (batch cook for freezer) D) out after church