No doubt about it, this is optimistic.  Right now there is no way I’m going to feel up to cooking unless this cold/sinus mess moves on. But this is a hopeful menu plan. Also, it’s leaning a lot more towards soup than we usually do this time of year, but that’s also due to feeling sick. 😦

Monday: B) eggs, peppers, onions L) split pea soup S) cheese sticks, melon D) salad with grilled chicken (frozen from last week)

Tuesday: B) yogurt and blueberries L) homemade tomato soup  S) nuts D) baked tilapia with mango salsa and salad

Wednesday: B) oatmeal L) spinach and mushroom quesadillas S) fruit D) turkey chili

Thursday:  B) yogurt and berries L) leftover chili (or playdate) S) nuts D) spinach quiche (spelt crust) and salad

Friday:  B) eggs and veggies L) leftover quiche D) gardenburgers and sauteed veggies

Saturday: B) out L) leftovers, salad D) leftovers, salad