First of all, so sorry for the terrible pictures!  It’s so dark and wet that it’s hard to get any decent pics right now.  😦

Second, these instructions are for the non-perfectionist only.  If you want a perfect scarf, I would look for a different tutorial.  I don’t measure, don’t use the correct tools, etc.


  • fleece of your choice
  • scissors (a rotary cutter or sharp shears would be great, but if you’re like me, paper scissors are all that are in the house.)


Lay the fleece on the floor or other large flat surface, folded in half.  Try to make sure the edges match up as closely as possible. (I just used what I found in the remnant bin at Hobby Lobby, but if you want to make a scarf for an older kid or adult, you probably want to find wider fleece than I used.)

Next, cut a strip the whole length of the folded fabric, the width that you want your scarf to be.  I just eyeballed this, but you could measure if you want to.  Or use a straightedge, which I didn’t.  😉  I would guess this is around six inches wide.

Cut off the selvage on the ends.

Now, decide how long you want the tassels to be.  You could measure this or use a straight edge.  I just put a heavy book down on top of the fleece about where I wanted the tassels to stop.  This was to keep the fabric from moving around.

Then cut strips.  I just eyeballed again, but you could measure if you want.  I think these are about 1/2 inch each.

Tie a knot at the top of each tassel.  Do this very carefully if you wan the tassels to lie flat.  I didn’t.  I like the way they look kind of curled up on themselves, so I gently stretched each strip after tying.

If you stretch them out (be careful, so you don’t tear them off), they should look about like this when you get done.

There, all finished.  A scarf in less than ten minutes that cost about 50cents in remnant fleece!