Remember playing with these as a kid?  Learning to thread a shoestring through the holes?  Feeling all grown-up because you were “sewing”?  I love passing things like this along to my daughter.  And lacing cards are super easy to make.  You could use just posterboard or cardstock if that is what you have on hand, but these are a little more sturdy for little hands.  I’m making several to stick in my daughter’s stocking this Christmas.


  • large chipboard shapes (you can find a lot of these in the dollar section at Michael’s)
  • scrapbook papers
  • glustick
  • crop-a-dile or heavy-duty hole punch
  • sandpaper or emory board
  • pen
  • sharp scissors
  • ink*
  • mod podge*
  • shoelaces or embroidery floss with blunt needle for lacing (MAKE SURE YOU SUPERVISE YOUR CHILDREN WITH THIS GIFT!!!)



How To:

1: Flip the chipboard shape upside down and trace on the wrong side of the patterned paper.

2. Cut out the paper shape and adhere to chipboard with gluestick or mod podge.

3. Sand edges of shapes with sandpaper or emory board and ink if desired.

4.  Use hole punch to punch holes all around the edges of the shape.  Seal with mod podge if desired.

5. Package up with shoelaces or floss and blunt needle for gift giving.

A nice feature of these toys is that you can vary the skill level a lot.  Punch fewer and larger holes for younger children, smaller and more holes for older ones.  You can also make these more elaborate by paper piecing, stamping, etc on the shapes.