• heavy patterned paper
  • glue gun
  • wide lace (mine is a vintage estate sale find)
  • ribbons and trim (check out SavvynSassy for great pompom and other trims)
  • scissors
  • pen
  • dinner plate (to trace)
  • rosette (make your own or check out luckygirlgoods on etsy for the ones i used here)


1. Trace half of dinner plate onto patterned paper.

2. cut out semi-circle of paper.

3. Start at one side and roll the paper into a cone shape.

4. Once you have a cone shape, you can cut off the excess paper or just keep rolling.  (I roll it up the rest of the way)

5.  Apply hot glue along the edge and glue to cone.

6. You may want to add just a dab of glue on the inside edge as well, to keep in from moving around.

7. You should now have a finished cone shape.  Now for the fun part – embellishing!

8. Using hot glue at just the top of the lace, carefully apply just below the top edge of the cone, wrapping the lace all the way around. Start at the back, so that the raw edges won’t be visible.

9. Trim excess lace.

10. Carefully glue pompom or other trim just overlapping the top of the lace. (This should cover up any visible hot glue, too.)

11. Add a dab of hot glue inside on each side and attach ribbon or seam binding for hanging.  You could use staples instead if you want.

12. Create a rosette or purchase one and affix it to a scalloped circle of paper.

13. Attach rosette to front of cone and fill with goodies!

Here is another one I made with a rosette handmade from tulle and cardstock: