These are a fun project with kids, or just to do by yourself.  You can use sheet music, patterned paper, copier paper, or even magazine pages.


  • paper
  • scissors

How  To:

Step One: Start with a rectagle of paper (pretty much any size works as long as it’s not too small to fold.

Step Two: Fold top right corner down so that it meets up with the left side of the paper as shown above. It should then look like a triange on top of a rectangle.

Step Three: Fold the top left corner of the folded triangle down to meet with the bottom right corner of the triangle as shown above. When finished it should look like the picture below:

Step Four: Flip the paper over and it should look like the above picture.

Step Five: Now you are going to fold into thirds from the top point.  You will probably need to practice this a few times to get the fold in the right spot, but after you do it a couple times it gets a lot easier. Start with folding the left side over as shown here.

Should look like this:

Step Six: Now fold the right side over.  It should look like about like this:

Step Seven: Flip it over and it should look like this:

Step Eight: Cut off at an angle as shown here:

It should look like this after it is cut:

Step Nine: Now comes the fun part!  Cut shapes however you want!  Play around with different patterns and shapes.

Step Ten: When you have finished cutting, carefully unfold your snowflake.  You should end up with a beautiful six-point snowflake.

Stick to your windows, hang on the tree, attach to cards…