This got pushed to the back burner yesterday thanks to some plumbing issues in the house, but trying to hop back on it today (despite the fact that the plumber is back).  Today I’m going to spend 30 minutes sorting and storing wood-mounted stamps.

Many of you probably don’t have to spend that much time, but I have a lot!  After a lot of consideration, I’ve decided to go ahead and break up my Stampin’ Up sets and mix them in with the rest.  I don’t use stamps unless I see them, and this will make it far more likely that I’ll actually use them.

My plan is to get a rolodex, where I will stamp each image and divide by categories.  Then, I’ll store the stamps I use most often in baskets and on the wall, with the ones i don’t use either going to a yard sale or packed up to use for certain occasions (christmas, etc.)