Sorry for the extended break, but we had such a full weekend, that it spilled over into this week and I haven’t had a chance to get back into my scrap room!

Today: Stamp organization!  I have all kinds of stamps: clear acrylic, foam, mounted wood block, unmounted rubber, old Stampin Up sets, 7Gypsies seals, etc.  Where to start?

Today, I’m going to do some planning.  Gonna take 15-30 minutes with my notebook and a pen and answer the following questions:

1) How many stamps do I actually need?  How many do I actually use?  How many would I use if I knew where they were?

2) How many types of stamps do I need to store?  Can they be stored together or will they need their own spaces?

3) How do I want to store these stamps?  What works best for me? How much space will I need? KEEP IT SIMPLE

4) What storage solutions do I already have and what do I need to find?  KEEP IT AFFORDABLE

Did you get all your paper organized?  Do you have pics?  Would love to see!!!