This project is definitely going to take me a few days!  My formerly organized papers have gotten completely mixed up.  Some companies I had folders for no longer exist, and there are many new manufacturers as well!  Getting ready to re-organize all this paper there are a lot of questions to ask:

Do I Really Love It?

Probably the most important question to ask is this one.  If I don’t love it, it’s gone.  I recently went through and got rid of over 1000 sheets at a yard sale, and I still have far more than I need.  There are so many new releases each season and so many NEW things that we all have to have, there is no point on holding on to papers unless you really love them.  I know that I really only do good work when I’m working with product that I love. 

Keeping my “DD’s art bin” and “RAK” bin handy for this part.  Also, if you think you may be able to do a scrapbook yard sale, papers sell really well.  Just gather up what you don’t love and package them up with a price tag.

Vertical or Horizontal?

In my space, vertical is the only solution that really works.  I don’t have space for paper racks, and I like how easy it is to thumb through paper in vertical organizers.  A while back, I invested in some Cropper Hopper vertical paper storage boxes and dividers and they have been super helpful.

Manufacturer, Color, Theme?

A lot of this is going to depend on how you scrapbook.  Also, if you are on a design team or submit for publication, it’s important to know what mfg. you are using. 

I’ve been debating how to store papers, and I think I have decided to continue to organize them by manufacturer in vertical storage containers.  I have too much paper for the containers I currently have, so I’ve decided to re-purpose an IKEA storage box for additional storage, since I’m trying to keep spending to a minimum.

New Paper Folder/DT Assignments?

For now, all of my papers are going to be organized by manufacturer, but I’ve realized that I need to set aside a folder (probably on desk space) for papers that have just come in and DT assignments.  I want it to be small, so that I will have to move its contents into the regular folders once a month or so.  If I can find a space that would work, a hanging magazine rack or wall pocket might work for this too. Adding that to my list of things to find.

Diecuts and Specialty Papers?

In the past, I have kept these in separate folders, but I’ve decided that in most cases, I’m just going to store them in manufacturer folders.  Exceptions will be very delicate papers (lace die-cut, for example) which will have their own folder.  It’s easier to just have everything together.

Different Sizes?

I scrapbook mostly 12×12, but I also do cardmaking and lots of mini albums.  I will also occasionally buy 8×8 or 6×6 paper pads.  I store all of these as well as 8.5×11 cardstock for card making in cheap vertical magazine boxes that I picked up at IKEA.  If I start running out of space, something has to go.


I’ll be spending a lot more than just 15-30 minutes on this project, that’s for sure!  But today I’m going to try for thirty minutes and see where I am after that.