I’m in the midst of re-doing the room where I scrap and taking it from home office/craft room/storage room/guest room to just a scraproom.  :0)  (It’s also been where DD has been living for several months while we were working on our addition.)  It’s going to be a long process with moving everything out, finding homes for everything and purging and re-organizing all my junk.  Not to mention the painting, cleaning, and re-decorating that is required. 

I got a few boxes at IKEA last time we were there, just to see if they’ll work for me.  For a lot of my stuff I think I will have to have open storage boxes.  You know, out of sight, out of mind.  But there are some things that I want to box up.  Acrylic paint is one of them.  I’ve had them piled in a clear plastic box, but they were ugly and messy.  (And way too easy for DD to get into!)  So I thought I would use one of the IKEA boxes.  Problem: how to see which color I want without taking them all out of the box?  Solution: do what the hardware stores do.  Put a drop on the top!