Funny, I thought I had posted these already, but I guess not.

This project is one of my favorites ever!

Joy Door Hanger with Jingle Bells

Some Detail Photos:

Here’s what we were showcasing this round:

Glitter: all of the red and white striped ribbon has bits of silver glitter throughout; letters are painted and covered with diamond glaze and then frosted with Martha Stewart silver glitter; silver pipecleaners have a great metallic glitter effect to them

Metal: lots of big silver jingle bells; all the red and white ribbon has metallic silver border along it; silver pipecleaners; wire and red pom-pom trim

Flowers: the background of the “O” spool is completely covered with pink primas; there is a large layered flower on the “J” spool

And here are the techniques used:
This is made from altered ribbon spools. I painted them twice, then covered with patterned paper and flowers. They are then hotglued to a large bow I made from wired glittery christmas ribbon.
For the letters, I used Basic Grey monograms and painted them and added diamond glaze and frosted with a little silver glitter. I then added them to the altered spools and embellished them.
Used some shimmery double-sided red/pink ribbon with jingle bells tied on at intervals as well as wire pom-pom trim to deocorate the bow and hold more bells.
The pipe-cleaners I wrapped around my fingers to form spirals for the bow. I also added one in a loop on the back to hold the bow to the door.