Christmas Tree Card  

Just a card made from Christmas scraps–SOOOO easy to make.  🙂

Pick of the Patch Layout

I was so happy with this one, because I had a picture in my head before I started and it turned out just the same.  Yay!

Metal: metal alphabet for “of the” in the title, wire vines for pumkin, metallic brads in all the flowers, staples on the ricracGlitter: glitter glue “doodles” on layout, tiny metalic micro-marbles cover the pumkin, glitter glue pumpkin ribs, glitter accents on leaves

Flowers: brown hydrangeas are squished under the pumpkin to resemble fallen leaves, small primas as accents

Felt letters are freehand cut from a sheet of felt and stiched to the layout.

For pumpkin: First I painted the pumpkin with acrylic paints then covered with diamond glaze and applied tiny metallic micro-beads in two shades of bronze/orange mixed together. Then I added dark orange clitter glue for the “ribs” of the pumpkin. Twisted wire vines around a thin paintbrush handle. Used brown paper hydrangea petals squished together to imitate fallen leaves beneath the pumpkin and added primas with metal brads as an accent. Felt “pumpkin” leaves are accented with glitter glue for a little more sparkle.