(And yes, I freely admit that the main reason I’m posting these is because I desperately need to get rid of stuff!)

Ok, if you’re like me, you’ve got scrapping papers and then papers dealing with scrapping.  What do I mean?  Well, generally I make my own sketches in a little book I have, but sometimes I’ll see one online or come across challenges that I like or contests I plan to enter and I’ll print them off, just so I remember to do them.  Thing is, most of the time I don’t remember anyway, and the papers just keep piling up here and there in the scrap room.  

 So this week’s challenge is to set aside a binder or a file folder JUST for the ideas that you want to use–those sketches and things that have been accumulating.  Don’t worry about altering it or making it pretty for now, just get the stuff in it.  THEN–dig down to the bottom of the desk and either file or toss any and all scrapping related papers (remember, we’re not actually dealing with patterned paper and cardstock here!)