Well…I’d like to show you all the new projects, but turns out I can’t.  😦 

Christmas-y things for people just can’t be posted online where they might see them, you know.  😉 

Anyway…I did alter some of my alterable stash, so I can keep the rest (for now).  I did the treasure box (posted below), another sort of box as a present, and used up some 6×6 cork tiles as the front of a 6×12 home decor planning “book”.  I say “book” because I’m not sure if I’ll actually bind it or just leave it as chipboard sheets between cork covered “covers” if that makes sense.  If we get some decent light, I’ll try to get a picture this week to give you an idea of what I’m talking about.  The main reason I would leave it unbound is because it’s easier to grab a page and stick it in my bag when we go shopping and I’m trying to find things that coordinate.