Here are the general directions if you want to recycle some of your empty ribbon spools.  🙂

1. Choose a large ribbon spool.  The width of the ribbon that was on it will determine how “deep” the frame will be.  For most of these I used spools from 1/2 inch or 3/8 inch ribbon.  Make sure it’s not too beat up or dented. 

2. Pull off one of the outside circles. 

3. Sand the rough edge to remove all particles of paper and adhesive. 

4. Trace the the “back” of your frame onto patterned paper or cardstock and cut out

5. Paint spool with at least two coats of acrylic paint, allowing it to thoroughly dry between coats.  Make sure to cover all the outside edges, the inside of the “ring” and the top edge.  Don’t worry about the middle as that is where the photo will go.

6.  After paint dries, attach previously cut out paper to back and sand edges to get them even. 

7.  Trace the inside circle onto your photo and cut out. Check to make sure that the photo fits correctly.

8.  Add embellishments to the photo if desired and use glue stick or adhesive roller to attach into frame. 

9. Adhere ribbon or ric-rac to the sides of spool with wet adhesive to make hanger.  Cover with a button if you like and allow to dry.

10. If desired, measure depth of the frame and cut a strip of paper to fit the inside and/or outside of frame. 

11.  Attach desired embellishments to outside of frame.

Side view, showing paper inside frame: