“My name is Katie and I’m a scrapping addict…”

I really do have a problem.  Here is a recent project.  Yes, that’s right, I altered a tub of disinfecting wipes.  AHHHHHH!!!  What’s wrong with me??  ;-D

 Anyway, it now matches the original 50s black and yellow tile in our bathroom and it makes me happy.  Ribbon/trim courtesy of Savvy n Sassy (link in sidebar). 

 On to the review…

For this project I used both the UHU Twist n Glue and UHU Creativ Fabric, Ribbon, and Felt Glue.  The Twist n Glue was great for adhering the paper.  It’s a heavier weight paper, so there was no problem with it soaking through.  


I was really impressed with the Creativ glue for the ribbons and trim!  It has a thick somewhat pasty consistency.  It works just right for ribbon, soaking in just enough to give the ribbon good sticking power, without going all the way through and staying visible on the opposite side of the ribbon.  It worked so well, that I didn’t have to hold or pin the ribbon in place to dry or anything.  Just squeezed on the glue, pressed it to the paper, and I was done!  If this becomes available in the US I’m pretty certain it will become one of my go-to items.  One of my favorite things to use on projects and layouts is ribbon, and while glue dots work for some situations, sometimes you really need a good ribbon glue.  Some might object to the scent of the glue as you’re applying it, but it goes away as it dries.  Overall I LOVE this product!