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My Desk…

This is for a challenge over at My Scrapbook Nook (link in sidebar).  We were supposed to do a layout using just stuff on our desk.  For me, not a problem.  😉

Journaling reads: Clean vs. Creative for me the two cannot co-exist.  At least not in my scraproom.  As you can tell, I’ve made my choice.  For me it’s creativity! 

Cherish Mini Book

I made a few of these to see if people were interested…and all three of them went.  Here are some pics of what I did with my kit. 

And they were gone right away.  Looks like I may need to make some more.  🙂

…for my party this evening
here’s a mini-book i designed, that i’m hoping to take some orders for. 🙂
It will come with pretty much everything you need to make the same or a similar book.

Here’s what the kit looks like. It even includes the acrylic stamp and a bottle of paint. 🙂

I’m tired today. And Autumn just now went down for the nap she usually takes at 1:30 or 2:00. (She’s been putting her babies down for naps all over the living room on couch cushions she’s pulled on to the floor for the last two hours.)

It was 103 out when we went to run errands this morning and that’s without the humidity added in. It’s just too stinking hot outside to move. I even closed all the shades on the windows to keep it cool in here and the AC hasn’t stopped running all day.

Read Sharon McCrumb’s Once Around The Track. Yeah, I read a book about NASCAR, totally by accident. LOL. Still not interested in NASCAR one bit, but it was an intereresting book. I picked it up without even looking to see what it was about. I like her brainless mysteries and the ghost stories, never had any thought it would be about NASCAR. Still managed to read the whole thing, which is really saying something. I think I’ve read a total of about 4 books in the past year. Amazing how having a kid makes it so hard to read anymore.

brb–i’m thirsty. love Dasani. specially when there are three cases sitting in the breezeway. 🙂

Ummmm…watched Deja Vu finally and really enjoyed it…seriously had me holding my breath a couple of times–lol. yeah, pathetic.

Made the first cut for a design team I’m trying to get on. Keep your fingers crossed for me, k? I’d really like to get on this one. 🙂

Look for my first pub out this next month! 🙂 We deposited the check today. Yay! And I’ve already bought paint with it for our room. Just have to find the time to move all the furniture.

I’ve been drooling over this tv armoire at Hobby Lobby. Well, it’s marked down now from $600 to $359. I’m drooling even more. Stopped by again today to drool. I want it. Our tv is on a teeny tiny desk right now and it’s ugly.
MW party on Monday evening. Not ready. But have to get there soon. Hoping if I manage to get a nap in today I can pack up tonight. We’ll see.

“My name is Katie and I’m a scrapping addict…”

I really do have a problem.  Here is a recent project.  Yes, that’s right, I altered a tub of disinfecting wipes.  AHHHHHH!!!  What’s wrong with me??  ;-D

 Anyway, it now matches the original 50s black and yellow tile in our bathroom and it makes me happy.  Ribbon/trim courtesy of Savvy n Sassy (link in sidebar). 

 On to the review…

For this project I used both the UHU Twist n Glue and UHU Creativ Fabric, Ribbon, and Felt Glue.  The Twist n Glue was great for adhering the paper.  It’s a heavier weight paper, so there was no problem with it soaking through.  


I was really impressed with the Creativ glue for the ribbons and trim!  It has a thick somewhat pasty consistency.  It works just right for ribbon, soaking in just enough to give the ribbon good sticking power, without going all the way through and staying visible on the opposite side of the ribbon.  It worked so well, that I didn’t have to hold or pin the ribbon in place to dry or anything.  Just squeezed on the glue, pressed it to the paper, and I was done!  If this becomes available in the US I’m pretty certain it will become one of my go-to items.  One of my favorite things to use on projects and layouts is ribbon, and while glue dots work for some situations, sometimes you really need a good ribbon glue.  Some might object to the scent of the glue as you’re applying it, but it goes away as it dries.  Overall I LOVE this product! 

It’s been pretty frustrating so far. I got up and skipped all the routine things in order to make it to a local (as in 35 mins away) farmer’s market this morning and get some good local produce. Well, there was one guy selling cabbage (and nothing but cabbage) and one guy with just a few things. I bought some overpriced tomatoes. It was really disappointing…

I get home and there’s a package waiting for me. It’s the next to last shipment of things I had to buy online for next weeks party. And it’s taken about 2 weeks to get here. Very small order–and they shipped the wrong stuff!!!! ARGH! There it is, clearly written correctly on the invoice, with the wrong item in the box. And the party is next week! And I needed to have all this stuff cut, organized, and packed in kits before then!!! Since this didn’t get sent out for a week last time I ordered what are the chances it will even get here before the party? I’m thinking pretty much non-existent.

And then I notice that the bag of clothes I left on the front steps is still there. The bag of clothes that I listed on Freecycle and had 8 responses for overnight. I had decided to give it to the lady who emailed twice saying how badly her daughter needed clothes and that she could pick up immediately. I check my email when I go inside and it turns out that she has to get a ride here to pick up and doesn’t know if she can make it today. So there it sits on the front steps–the ugly garbage bag full of clothes.

I’m thinking about just restarting the day. I think when I put Autumn down for her nap, I’ll lay down for a few minutes too. And then get up take a shower and just pretend this morning didn’t happen.


Most of these were created for the Savvy and Sassy GDT spot I had for the month of June. Absolutely LOVE this kit…check out the link in the sidebar.

Used the rhinestone trim and red velvet ribbon from the kit as well as the black and white weave from the SnS store. Unknown old CS from my stash, handmade paper from Target, PP The Paper Studio and scrap from 3Bugs in a Rug Smitten, Flocked wrapping paper from Target, vintage ivory buttons, Lil Davis Chipboard, red felt heart, 7Gypsies Rubs, Stamp by Purple Onion, staples

I used the velvet ribbon, sheer red ribbon, and rhinestone trim from the kit for this project and also added in the black and white weave from Savvy n Sassy as well. Started this layout with a Pencil Lines sketch that included lots of layering. American Crafts and Reminisce papers, Hobby Lobby CS, Heidi Swapp florals and center, various brads and eyelets, glittery foam heart stickers from the Target $1 spot, scalloped paper coffee coaster for journaling, flocked wrapping paper from Target.

gain used this gorgeous trim (love it!!!) on this simple clean layout. CS from Hobby Lobby, American Crafts pp, stamp is Purple Onion, Paper Studio alphas, and felt flower.

This one is for a challenge over at Create My Keepsake and also uses some of the Savvy and Sassy ribbons.

Again used this gorgeous trim (love it!!!) on this simple clean layout. CS from Hobby Lobby, American Crafts pp, stamp is Purple Onion, Paper Studio alpha stickers, BG and Heidi Swapp chip alphas with diamond glaze, and felt flower.

After not scrapping for a while, I’ve been on a roll the last couple of days.  Today I got 4 layouts done and one really weird altered project!  So glad to feel creative again for the first time in a while.  Tomorrow is going to be about prep for the party at the end of the month again.  Maybe a few cards with some of the scraps from these projects.

I’ll post pictures of my things tomorrow.  🙂

Just a few I can think of off the top of my head…

arf-arf = dog
gitty = cat
ticky-ticky = tickle
e-in = airplane
uck=truck, duck, or yuck depending on the situation
ock= rock or sock
ainain = raisin
ba-ba= cup, juicebox, water bottle, etc.
osh-osh= rhinoceros
deeshee = baby
up-da = up, down
dutton= belly button
mous= mouth
eas = ears
oush =nose
ice = slide
stink or yuck = messy diaper
boom=a sonic boom, something falling, a pillow
nana-nana-nana…= banana (this goes on until she gets one)
eesh = cheese
duck=anything with a beak or bill

She will use all of these in sentences too.
For example, if she sees Reagan’s dog food: “Dat arf-arf numma-numma!!”
Or, pointing at the sky: “Moo!!! See moo??”
Or, going to bed: “night-night Deeshee, night-night fish, bye-bye ight”

We stopped in at the local coffee shop tonight. It was nice. We haven’t been in a while. Good lattes. (As long as the right person makes it!)

(I’ve been a horrible hypocrite and have been going to Starbucks occasionally. Why? Because it has a drive-thru mostly. It’s just such a pain when I’m by myself, to get Autumn out of her seat and keep track of her in the shop. Ok, so it’s because I’m lazy. But that’s all off topic.)

Anyway. It’s funny, because as soon as we go in Autumn runs over to the couches and the bookshelf, which has several bins of toys. She pulls out the crayons and coloring books, a counting book, and her favorite magnetic doodling thing. She loves this place. She grabs the magnetic pen and scribbles something. Then she pulls the lever to erase it and says, “bye-bye.”