My review: go buy it!  Of all the adhesive rollers I’ve tried, this is my favorite.  I reviewed the original (and non-refillable) adhesive roller on this blog not too long ago and was really impressed with how well it held and the way it uses itty-bitty dots of glue, rather than tabs or double sided tape.  Add the fact that you can re-fill this one, and it’s just about perfect.

The case is sturdier than any of the other rollers I’ve used, but is easy to take apart to refill.  Other rollers I’ve tried have issues with the used part of the tape slipping out and getting tangled.  This one didn’t do that at all.  It rolled smoothly and I got a lot of use out of it before my first refill ran out.

The only (minor) problem I had was that the black rubber finger grip on top tried to slip out a couple of times, but it was really simple to push back into place.

Overall, a great product and one I plan to continue using!