Yes, I finally did complete that recipe box for my sister!  I have also entered it in the Daisy D’s contest over at Creative Scrap Shack.

This Daisy D’s French Market paper is PERFECT for my sister’s vintage country kitchen.  Just the right colors.  🙂  And roosters, too!  I was very happy to finally find some.  Where?  At Hobby Lobby of course.  I was looking all over the internet for it, and it was right down the street.

It’s actually a very light wood box.  I used a Tea Dye Distress Ink pad to ink the box to the perfect shade to go with the papers.  I glued portions of the rooster paper to chipboard and then used very sharp scissors to cut them out.  Sealed them with Mod Podge.  The papers are attached with Mod Podge as well.  I had to remove the hardware to attach the paper, but it was really easy.  I’ve had bad experiences trying to seal things with Mod Podge, so I opted to use a high-gloss spray acrylic sealer on the whole box.  It worked really well, but you have to give it plenty of time to dry and it’s very smelly!

Here are some pictures.