First, a link:  check out this site…The UHU Project Blog

I use UHU gluesticks all the time, and didn’t even realize they made other adhesives.  When I heard about this offer, I was excited to try something new.  I was sent two items to review: the adhesive roller and twist and glue.

I’d have to say that the gluesticks are probably still going to be my favorite overall adhesive.  I love how well they work, just how sticky they are, and the fact that compared to most scrapbooking adhesives, they are incredibly cheap.

Adhesive Roller

My only complaint here is just how fast I went through this roller.  I think that all adhesive rollers or runners run out too fast, so that’s nothing new.  (Thus my usual gluestick.)  I would say that compared to other adhesive runners and rollers, though, this one is really good.  Instead of having little sticky tabs or basically double-sided tape, this roller is made up of teeny tiny dots of glue that are nice and sticky.  Like the glue sticks, the adhesive is still a little bit repositionable right after you apply it, then it becomes permanent.  I really like how well it holds.

 Twist ‘n Glue

The applicator on this item is absolute genius!   I love how versatile it is.  You can use the tip out for precision gluing and twist it out to get a thin, wide swath of adhesive.  I don’t know why someone didn’t think of this before.  The negative: the glue is too thin for most paper projects.  I found when applying ribbon or ric-rac to a page that the ribbon or ric-rac would absorb most of the glue and wouldn’t really stick.  If it were just a bit thicker, I think it would be an absolute essential supply for me.